Natural caregiver breast cancer - Do any of you have a way to calm down when you are in crises?




A month ago a stupid thing happened, I got a eyelash stuck in my brad irrating the skin on my breast. I left my skin red, I know I am healthy, I got my annual blood test done in April. But, the irritation trigger my ptsd for breast cancer. I lost my mom 15 years ago and breast cancer keeps hunting me.

That stupid irritation, I put polysporin with a bandaid on it and I got an allergic reaction to the bandaid, it literally burd my skin! I end up with the irritation surrounded by the perfect burn of the bandaid. I want to deal with this by myself, control my ptsd...

It's a bit better, but the strap of my bra and the fabric rub on it during the day, it takes it's time to heal. I wake up in the middle of the night, freaking out about it, I usually go in the bathroom and have a look to see if it's worse or better.

It's been a month now and I would love to know if any of you have a way to calm down when you are in crises.

Thank you!