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Natural Vs. Conventional Medicines And Treatments Discussion

Discussion in 'Medications & Substances' started by Farmer, Aug 23, 2006.

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  1. Farmer

    Farmer Active Member

    <added by anthony: this thread has been split from the [DLMURL="http://www.ptsdforum.org/thread453.html"]natural vs. conventional medicines and treatments[/DLMURL] within the medications forum.>

    I was wondering if you have heard of empower plus, it is a mineral and vitamin sup developed by a private citazen to help a member of his family. when the animals on the farm would get agitated they would feed them a special suppliment and it would calm them down so he mixed up some for his family member and clames to have greatly redused the symp. Now I am the biggest skeptic there is but many independent labs have claimed to have confermed it and dicover mag even did an artical on it. thay have a web site, truehope.com. It is quite expensive but if it does what they claim it sounds intreging.
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  3. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    I had not heard of it before Farmer, but will endevour to check it out now. I would only say to be hesitant at this point if it hasn't been through the appropriate testing for long term concerns as most medicines do... but then again, those tests are often covered up or full of BS... I will have a read, and thank you very much for enlightening us to this... could be very useful.
  4. seeklife

    seeklife New Member

    Thank you so much for this article! I can not tolerate meds anymore. I had attempted so often in the past to discuss options with medical doctors. The psychiatrists were the worst in their responses. I found a great deal of arrogance and downright hostility when I even mention alternatives! Now the md that I see actually suggested a yeast cleanse and change in diet. I had tried a gluten free diet as I had heard it can help if you have depression issues. I must admit I felt better except for trying to keep myself and 3 teens on the diet at the same time.:frown: Now I feel there is a whole new world I can check out besides medication. I also am trying Yoga and deep breathing now. It helps. I am glad to know that there are many others who want to try new things to help with their ptsd along with conventional methods. The conventional route ahs almost ruined me financially as well as in my ability to trust those "in authority". I could go on for hours on my treatment by numerous physicians, psychiatrists:crybaby: :mad: I won't do that now. I want to say thanks again, though. I'm not the only one. Good to be able to talk with all those who have responded to me thus far...God Bless:smile:
  5. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    Absolutely SL, people too often just don't know, but then the damn doctors certainly don't help our causes because off their ignorance.
  6. Ravenari

    Ravenari New Member

    I use natural therapies alongside mainstream ones, and I must say that at least for me - I found the gentleness of flower essences (I use Australian living essences) to help a great deal without being too harsh on the system, because I find herbal remedies - especially for those of us with psychosomatic symptoms like diarrhea and IBS - can be too harsh if the naturopath isn't explicitly warned. I've been as misdiagnosed by a naturopath as I have a western doctor!

    Never underestimate the power of animal therapy. Sometimes knowing that no one will really get your cat or dog or bird or fish as much as you do, and sometimes knowing that it needs feeding, will get you out of bed another day. And they are often very rewarding in return! If you can't own animals for whatever reason, consider getting plants or flowers, or volunteering at an animal shelter or something like this if you can handle it. Just being around other living creatures that are less demanding cerebrally than humans, but still needing our attention, can be very very helpful.

    Breathwork, and therefore Tai Chi and Yoga, are great for those who don't breathe well, and especially those prone to panic disorders, GAD and other problems that cause haywire breathing, or a feeling that you're 'not getting enough air in.'

    My last, and current psychologist, both use EFT - Emotional Freeing Technique - this isn't too bad, but I'd warn others to be careful, because it brings up a lot of deeper stuff, and if you feel you're not ready - don't be afraid to just stop and say 'okay, I need to switch to something less 'immediate.' I found EFT to be quite stressful when it was used too much. That said, it works with energy meridians and acupressure points, and the very act of 'tapping' your own body can be very grounding. :)

    Nutrition - for me - is another *huge* one. Being mineral, or vitamin deficient often exacerbates symptoms, and having a poor diet can flat out destroy a healthy mental state. Even people without disorders can have temper tantrums / be sick / depressed / etc. etc. from simply eating too many synthetic sugars, flavours, colours etc. Be healthy! :)
  7. scarlette_crimson

    scarlette_crimson Active Member

    I am taking a mood enhancer.

    I found a mood enhacer and have been taking it for a week now.The one thing I do like aboutr it is it makes me feel like I have just ate a whole bunch of chocolate.And thats a very good thing for me!! Becuse now I am so hyper. I say it's about time!!When it comes to being energetic:loopy: Man I am smiling alot to...Thats a big thing!!! It so fun to feel at least half way decent.
    I am stiil looking for other things to improve and move but at least now I really feel like there is more solutions around the corner!
    Now I know there is a lot of hope and some good things to look forward to
    and more things to eplore......My husband so happy he says (who let you out of your box!!!
    I am so glad he never has put a hold on me so that I can figure out things for myself.
  8. lucy

    lucy New Member


    i've been monitoring your web site for some time but haven't so far had anything to add.

    I was diagnosed with ptsd 3 yrs ago. About 1 1/2 years ago, just when I started to fill like my life was becoming manageable I was traumatized again and plummetted into a deeper level of ptsd.

    A month ago my psy. doctor abruptly changed my medication from Zoloft to Celexa. After 2 days I could no longer sleep at night. I felt myself become even more detached and depressed. I began to go into fits of panic..

    That doesn't sound too bad considering what I've already endured in the last 3 years. Here's the bad part.

    In my fits of total panic I felt compelled to kill myself. Compelled. Theres a loaded shot gun under our bed. One day I actually took it out to look at it. I've always been scarred to death of any kind of fire arms. The only gun I've ever shot was at my Uncle Forrest's cabin 20 years ago.

    Anyway I called my psy's office right then and explained to the receptionist that "Hey I'm suicidal, please have doc call me."

    Nobody called me back. In a panic I ran out the door and went to the park across the street and just sat under a tree and cryed.

    The next day the doc called me back and told me to increase the dose. I did as she said because hey she's the doc. Dose trippled.

    At my appointment a week later I told Doc, "I am worse, please put me back on Zoloft. Doc's reply, " No we need to give the Celex another month."

    Well I haven't been back to the Doc. A week ago I stopped the Celex cold turkey. The withdrawals are horrible physically. I feel like somebody pumped my head full of air to the point where its going to pop any minute. I'm having trouble breathing etc..etc.. However the advantage of stopping the drug is that I'm no longer compelled to kill myself. In fact suicide is not at all in my nature. By nature I am a survivor and always have been. Even through everything I've been through I would never ever consider giving up, I'm too stuborn.

    In the month I took Celexa it caused so many side effects. I bled vaginally for 3 weeks and started it get so many hot flashes I could hardly function. I thought it was menopause. I went and got a checkup and blood work done and to my delightful surprise I'm not in menopause. Vaginally bleeding happens to be one of Celexa's side affects. I guess I could live with that unpleasant side affect but the side affect of suicide would be awfully difficult to live with because well I would be dead and you can't be alive and dead at the same time, you have to be one or the other.

    I'm alive today and I'm grateful and embrace it. I still have ptsd but like I said I am a survivor and always will be. Please be careful what drugs you take. Do not trust the Doctor like I did. Trust your instincts.

    Thanks so much for your web site. I don't feel so all alone anymore. Usually I try very hard to use humor to battle this pesty ptsd but unfortunately I do think that what happened to me was very serious and maybe by telling this sad little story will help someone else realise that some of thier physical and mental anguish is being caused by the drug they are taking that is supposed to be fixing them.

    Last night I watched a whole lot of sitcoms on TV and I laughed and laughed and that's all the medicine I needed to get me by. Oh and also I did eat a chocholate bar.


    May God Bless and keep you safe.
  9. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    Welcome to the forum Lucy, and thank you for shareing your experience. I hope you hang around and share some more, so we can all learn.
  10. void

    void I'm a VIP

    Old thread---interesting topic:think:

  11. trishok

    trishok Member

    Thanks for sharing all of the above. I had suicidal thoughts and thoughts of death every morning when I woke up and throughout each day while taking Celexa (as Cipramil) for the last two years. Also depersonalisation, dissociation, terrible terrible depression that would not lift. Had two weeks free of antidepressants, now taking Mirtazapine (Avanza). All of those symptoms have gone, and it is so apparent to me now that Cipramil was a major part of causing them.

    Now want to live and overcome all negative stuff. Have started taking magnesium as 1/2-1 teaspoon of epsom salts per day in warm water, vitamin B complex in liquid form, and vitamin C as a powder known as sodium ascorbate.
    Using liquid rather than tablets for better absorption.
    Also a teaspoon of glycerine every so often, as this gives the brain a direct boost when blood sugar is low.

    Many people with PTSD possibly also suffer from hypoglycaemia, and it is worth looking at the effects of living with hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar).

    Perhaps people with PTSD might like to check out the hypoglycaemia association website. It is a NSW Australia based association. Lots of info about nutritional medicine is provided.

  12. midi

    midi Guest

    I have hypoglycemia. Joy. That's all I can say.

    I wanted to speak about the medical professions and natural alternatives. Although more than half of the pharmaceuticals that people take are from extracts and put through various processes, all medical professionals are dissuaded from even studying natural alternatives. My ex, a medical professional, wouldn't even consider taking the natural remedies elective course offered in his classes. Pharmaceutical companies send their salesmen out to the docs, pressuring them to use the latest version of the patented product.

    In personal dealings with doctors, I found that only the docs with experience in the military seemed hesitant to write scripts for piles of pills. They chose to work at getting to the bottom of issues. Course, that's only personal experience. Currently, I have a Chinese doc, who has a combined background of Chinese and Western medicine--which treats the body as unique to the individual, instead of dishing out the same pill to every body that walks in the office.
  13. Anonymoose

    Anonymoose Active Member

    Well, this seems off topic a bit, but I have benefited from massage and other somatic therapies, yoga, exercise, nutrition and meditation. I've been taking a supplement called Amazing Meal for about three months now and I've noticed a big difference in my mental and emotional equanimity.
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