need advice? Comfort?

Hey so I’ve been going through a billion changes I just moved to college across the country and now live alone and I love it so much but there are a lot of days recently where I just can’t move or can’t want to make friends and I have been but I just need to push myself so so hard I’ve always had hard nights of staring at the ceiling to extreme night terrors and the whole shebang and I do think I’ve been doing really well I just don’t know what I can handle right now beyond that -just stuff coming up more and more like some family members deaths and old trauma/new triggers and having to retell some of my story and I’m sleeping with this guy but I think he might hurt me way more than I can handle. I don’t know how much I can take. Need some new techniques or something or a way to find a new support group (PTSD/teens/addiction/trauma/depression idk) anyways I hope everyone’s doing ok .


Need some new techniques or something or a way to find a new support group
My fave starting out place >>> The ptsd cup explanation

or a way to find a new support group (PTSD/teens/addiction/trauma/depression idk)
If you’re in a college town, now? There are 2 great places to look

- Student Services (both “free” -it’s covered in your tuition- counseling/therapy, often including group therapy and peer support groups, but I don’t know how Covid will be affecting the group thing on campus).

- The local best-medical. Whether that’s a nonprofit children’s hospital, or teaching hospital associate with your university? Not only are the groups galoooooooore on virtually every possible social services & psych & lifespan, & lifestyle topic imaginable, but also for durn near every special interest group, who is going to have their own unique set of issues with that topic. The larger and more premier the hospital? The more groups they host, with a better quality of facilitator, hence searching out the best-medical for your area. Again, I expect Covid has curtailed most of these groups in-person forums, but a lot of hospital support groups simply switched to Zoom.

Regardless of what kind of town you live in NAMI has both online and IRL support groups on all things psych.


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I need support and comfort. I've been having passive suicide thought. I would never act on them. It just seems like no one cares. I feel rejected,ignored and worthless. I wouldn't act on these. Bu t I could use some comfort


is there comfort in knowing that good/bad is a frame you look through? I know what it is like to feel that no one cares, but I was wrong. And the ultimate comfort is in self care- thats a big one for me when it feels like no one cares. Seek a new frame to look through and maybe you will see something different. A billion changes sounds like a wonderful place to be when you are my age and change is something you barely remember, but I choose to frame that differently and enjoy the stability instead of missing the excitement, get it? you see what you look at.....