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Need help understanding the difference between a memory and a flashback


To me one of the reason I hesitated about ptsd was I did not have flashbacks... Or so I thought at the time cause I did nt know what is the flashback.
Now that I have been re educated and developed more awareness I find it this way.
Memory is through the senses and usually pleasant or when negative, easy to move from or suppress. ... Think of dead loved one.
Flashback is personalized.... And intrusive or automatic.... It also in my experience doesn't use all senses but uses one too much. For me, I get shame flashbacks often....especially when I stand up for myself or show any signs of autonomy.... My body shivers like oooh ooh I do nt suppose to do that! Some people have more elobarate signs or nightmares or visual or auditory... Mine is mainly skin or wrong touch.

Hope that helps.
For me, anything that makes me react as if I am being attacked is a flashback. Sometimes it doesn't even invovle a complete flashback of an actual occurance, but rather a combination of a partial flashback and current events. For example, I might have a flashback while I am having sex with my husband, then I suddenly feel like my husband is currently the person hurting me, even if what he is doing doesn't fit with my trauma.

On the other hand, a memory usually just makes me feel gross, upset, or anxious, but it does not give me the same feeling of currently being attacked so I will not react in that way, I will just react as if I am in a bad mood.
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