need ideas for dealing with PTSD and extreme isolation together

in November i was tested then quarantined for 2 days, during the quarantine i ended self harming and tried to overdose but the method i used meant it was.a failed overdose. the second day of the quarantine i almost was involuntary hospitalized but they did not, but the next morning i cancelled all my B-12 treatment knowing that without B-12 i would eventually die as the level dropped to nothing when they found out about this at the day center i was facing another possible involuntary hospitalization so i went voluntarily to the er which sent me to a nearby psychiatric hospital. i was in hospital for a week. then a few weeks ago December 28. i was quarantined again this time for 10 days as this time i was symptomatic. again i could not cope with the extreme isolation and was heading for another hospitalization. In my trauma i was extremely isolated for 3 months, with no human contact. this isolation from quarantines i have been unable to cope with, in fact during the first quarantine i had an emotional flashback which rendered me irrational. basically isolation takes me back to that 3 months i was in isolation and the abuse that occurred during that time.

i am unable to cope with isolation a crisis. i am in php now, and working on finding coping skills there. i have put together a list of potential strategies what i need in this post, is forum community ideas that i have not thought of. i want to be able to handle isolation without going in to a severe crisis. and need suggestions from forum members that might help me cope better with isolation.


In my trauma i was extremely isolated for 3 months, with no human contact
I think then, human contact- ability to talk on the forum, on the phone or text, esp with your horse pgm people or friends, plus music, daylight (curtains open), plants or on the outside chance animals (short foster?, or a fish), plus creature comforts with choices might help?

Also, if situational uncertainty is a trigger, knowing being alone= situational certainty might be helpful.
@Rosebud and @Friday yes i can continue going to hospital for partial hospitalization program and will, but typically course of php is 3 weeks (14 working days) , but that time can be shortened or extended. so far i taken from these responses insure certainty, and sunlight. both helpful but not sure certainly can introduced
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I think to keep pointing out to yourself all the differences between now and then, and evidence of the certainty, no matter how small, may help. Even keep a log. And for each fear find a difference (one might be your age, freedom, T, etc).

Also, maybe photos- the horses, etc.

Hugs to you!


I wasn’t actually meaning to the program itself, just TO the hospital. That way, you’re not working yourself into a lather at home trying to stay home, but have a destination to go to, day in and day out. Drive there (or however you normally get there // which is why I asked if you could) sit and do some stuff for a bit, just to prove to yourself that you can, & go home. To a place you already have a solid history of going to & from, making it easier than going to new places.

Trauma-stuff, I don’t “do” trapped. So I’ve spent a lot of my life “proving” to myself that I actually CAN do things like come & go as I please.

Prove to yourself you’re not trapped, every day If need be, & you’re the one in control.

Then work on being less isolated.
@Friday great ideas, my isolaion was to my room, void of human contact except 7am and 7pm, you dont just enroll in php, you have to be in crisis essentially like being hospitalized except you get to go home each day. often used as a step down from hospital or a step up when a persons needs are more than a crisis can handle.

but from this feedback i draw the idea of a exposure therapy, but incorporates some your and other posters ideas. something i need to bring to my therapist.

this is a problem for me because in 1978 i was isolated from the rest of the world by being placed in a laundry room for 3 months.