Need reassurance.


Had a random memory of being back in highschool.Literally felt like i was back as if i should be headed to school im still very aware of where i am whos around me who my spouse is who i live with and even what year it is but i cant help but to keep feeling like something is off.

I constantly over analyze so im hoping thats all im doing with this memory is over analizying but i need reassurance that im not losing it.

I was fine and drove to pick my spouse up from work when i got to his job i started feeling tingly and panicky and shook it off like always then all of a sudden i felt like i was back in highschool it literally felt like i did when i was in highschool even the way the sunshine was hitting the car remindinded me of my morning drive to school im almost amazed over the fact that im not in school anymore and that im where im at.

Am i over thinking this thought and feeling or am i losing it.I have alot of fears about health amd losing my insanity which im sure many have seen in my other post.


You're not losing it. You just had an intense feeling from the past for some reason. The reason is not that you are losing it. But just that your brain made a connection and put you there.

Do you have trauma from that time? Do you think it is a flashback? Or a memory resurfacing?

Whatever it is, you're safe. You're in the here and now, even though that feeling is strong.

This is just the brain doing it's (annoying) thing.


No trauma that i remember i know the memory i was having was from the year i graduated and i lost alot of friends that year because i started drinking heavily.Thats the year my addiction started but idk that its truama related.


That's amazing, @Kaylove498 - really great! That's hard work.

I agree with @Movingforward10 - it sounds like you're describing a very visceral memory, is all. It makes sense that the memory would be very strong, since you're working hard on conquering this addiction, and as you said:
Thats the year my addiction started but idk that its truama related.
Addiction is a powerful force. You're working on breaking the addiction, and that can shake things up, in terms of how we experience our own lives. I don't think you're going off the deep end, personally - you're feeling some things very intensely, is all.