Research Neurodevelopmental Biology Associated with Child Sexual Abuse


Rather extensive review of studies indicating changes in the brain from csa and what can be done ( early intervention, loving foster parents, medications, CBT).



Thanks for the link, @OliveJewel - really interesting. I appreciate that it's using CSA as a sort of 'anchor' for the data, but it's also considering more broadly the maltreatment of children, including physical abuse and neglect.

From the study you linked -
This article will review the psychiatric problems associated with maltreatment and the emerging biologic stress system research with a special emphasis on what is known about victimization by sexual abuse...This discussion will [also] include a broad definition of maltreatment (abuse and neglect), unless the data support different outcomes for various types of maltreatment. It is difficult to form clear diagnostic conclusions associated with a specific subtype of maltreatment, as many research studies examine youth with multiple types of abuse or neglect and are flawed by inconsistent diagnostic techniques, small sample groups and different outcome measures. It is noted that for some victims child abuse and neglect are chronic conditions rather than acute events. Additionally and most importantly, various forms of abuse and neglect tend to co-exist.