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Just feeling the need to vent. This is my 7th therapist 8 years. I live in a context where mental health services are really undeveloped and there are no regulations in place, and it is chaos out there. The first one yelled at me for 20 mins for being late to a session, nos 2 and 5 changed fields, 3 was associated with my school and couldnt continue with her post graduation, #4 was online from a different country because I couldnt find one locally, and told me that what I was calling abuse was perhaps just routine behavior in my culture, number 6 vanished off the face of the earth.
The current one is one of three trauma based (or informed) therapists in the city and I dont really know what the next step in terms of being able to find care. She keeps giving me spiritual platitudes (my aunt still exists somewhere apparently) around my grief when I don't believe in life after death or rebirth or anything like that, keeps telling me that im struggling at work because my conciousness isnt developed enough, and when I disagree with her I'm "resisting". I might not even leave this therapist at the moment, because I don't know the next or even what good therapy is supposed to look like anymore.
So tired.
I'm really sorry you're going through this.

My only advice is to keep trying. I went through about a dozen therapists over 15 years until I finally found one that worked for me. And therapy is highly regulated here in the USA.
gentle empathy, panda. my early therapy years held at least as much trouble finding a good therapy fit. when i finally did find my good fit in the late 80's, i'm not sure if the resources changed or my attitude changed. for sure, my i learned quite a bit from those early attempts, but equally for sure, attitude shifted from trying to dictate what **should** be available to working with what was available. most all of the psych theories have changed since the late 80's but i'm still working with what is available.

but that is me and every case is unique. . .

empathy and support while you find your own healing path.
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