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New direction for work

Discussion in 'Employment, Education & Disability' started by Eagle3, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. Eagle3

    Eagle3 Well-Known Member

    Since it seems like I can't find and keep any regular work (for lots of reasons), I've decided to go a different direction. I'm taking my Life Coaching work to an official level! I just started my certification courses and will be done sometime next week. My business website and Facebook pages are already live, and I have business cards that are actually getting passed out at networking meetings! This is a HUGE step for me, since I wouldn't have even planned to take this kind of step before intensive and prolonged therapy, but I'm doing it and feeling like I finally have a good direction to travel. Now to just get clients....

    I've come to the realization that regular jobs don't like my having to have one day a week to take care of appointments related to my disability, bosses and I are NOT compatible, and I'm generally too overqualified to be considered for minimum-wage jobs that I would actually do ok at. So frustrating....us disabled college grads have to pay bills too!!

    In other good news, my awesome T KICKED cancer's ASS and is looking at coming back to work in about 2-3 months. My new goal is to have enough income to start seeing him regularly again. I'm still looking for a regular job, but I know how iffy that is. I'm going to be working every avenue I know to get enough income to keep bills covered, see my T's, go to Aikido, and live a life worth living.

    So keep working on healing as you can, each day is a day of progress! And healing IS possible!
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