New Homework from T - Looking For Positive Affirmations to Reflect On


In today's session we were talking about adding some daily things to help with ongoing healing. One thing that came up was some independent work I did when I was working toward having a single digit handicap factor in golf. I read a bunch of golf psychology books after doing some lessons and learned my own worst enemy was - me.

In the process of improving my mental game I made about 8 pages of positive affirmations in the back of a 3" x 5" notebook I was using as a journal/notebook while taking lessons. I still review these before getting out to play because I learned Dr. Rotella was right. You can't be a good putter until you think you are a good putter. It's backwards from what most of us learn in a way, learn how, practice, gain confidence, gain skill, then you can be good. Well, I can tell you, the short road is telling yourself you are good even before you are and even when the evidence says otherwise.

Samples from my book: You are what you thought about yourself, You will become what you think about yourself. I am a good short game player. My score on one hole does not determine my skill. Pick a target, focus on the target, go unconscious, and swing. I make every putt inside 5 feet. Eliminate expectations. Interested and engaged, calm and relaxed.

So now to PTSD, and the same thing. Build a few pages of positive affirmations to read daily with an eye to moving on. Any suggestions?


All feelings are preceded by thinking. Pay attention to what you are thinking. If you think you are worthLESS then you are feeling worthLESS.

If you think you have worth then you will feel that you have worth.

Apllied like you shared about golf. Going at the end result the other direction.
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