New Job with No Time for Therapy

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No, we haven't discussed it. I know he doesn't do evening and weekend appointments.
@whiteraven when I met with the therapist at 7am for our sessions it was an accommodation that he was willing to do for me as a long term client. It wasn't something that I asked for, I was in a similar situation as you are and he didn't have evening hours, I was just starting a new job and was afraid I would need to quit therapy because I would no longer be able to meet at our scheduled time. He is the one that offered to come in early if I was willing. I won't say that it was easy. My office hours were 8:30-5 with evening meetings 2-3 nights a week on top of that, and his office was 30-45 minutes from my house and job. But if I wanted to continue therapy (which at the time was the only thing keeping me from being suicidal) I had to be willing to make the commitment to myself and that is how he put it, was I committed to my getting better. The drive from his office to work helped to process things and get me in a frame to go to work and there were appointments that I had to cancel because I knew that the day at work was going to be such that I couldn't attend therapy and still manage the work day but we made it work for almost 4 years before work took me to a place 3 hours a way and I had to find a new therapist. (this was before all this COVID telehealth and he wasn't offering telehealth at that time.)
I find my opportunities or energy to do what would help myself are now limited. But I could always identify what was helpful. I suppose some would say that's a commitment to one's self but I just saw it as doing what kept me going. So sometimes there's a way, but other times you can only make the best of it. I'm not great at coming up with workarounds to solve obstacles for stuff like that. I think because usually you can't just do it on your own.


I really hope your T is able to offer a solution. Or that you can get some flexibility with work. When are you starting the new job?
Thanks! I'm starting on the 2nd. They are suggesting initially that I go in on Monday and Tuesday and work the rest of the week from home. But they sound very accommodating already, and I get a ton of PTO to start, so...
Is PT the same as physiotherapy
Physical Therapy, usually.
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