Undiagnosed New member from London!


New Here

New member here, from London!

A bit about me....

I'm no stranger to mental health conditions, mostly body image issues and self esteem, partly due to sexuality and also my a physical health condition, but is not too dehabilitating.

Anyway, earlier this year I was unfortunate to be involved in a serious car crash due to debris on the motorway. My first crash, so a huge shock. No physical injuries, car was repaired in a week some 20k later (paid by insurance), but as I have learnt, the mental scars take much longer to heal.

I used to feel clammy and sweaty driving, especially on certain roads where the car behaves in ways that reminds me of the crash.

That's improved now (and slept fine etc), and gp doesn't think I have PTSD, but I have struggled with intrusive thoughts that I will crash, which is a real cause of stress as I need to drive with a clear head, and especially a car like this (a performance car).

Hopefully can network with people who can relate! :)


Welcome to the forum. You are not alone and can find others who can relate. Also, I hope you have a therapist or psychiatrist who can help you get a solid diagnosis.