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Hey guys. A year ago today I took a hit of a laced joint. I was at a bar drinking with my sister when she stepped out. I went outside to smoke a cigarette and a stranger offered me a hit of his joint. I took him up on it and Hell broke loose.

I ended up with law enforcement. They thought I was severely intoxicated. I don’t really remember that. I picked up a copy of the internal report they made yesterday and read it. They said I was extremely aggressive. I was hallucinating officers I had met before that weren’t there.

I don’t remember the next week. Five days later I woke up thinking it was still the day after. I walked out into my families field and had visual hallucinations. I had a lucid moment when I realized what I was seeing couldn’t have been real. I called my mom and had her take me to the emergency room.

I was in the ER for 8 hours. They performed a CT scan which found nothing. My UA came back negative for everything but marijuana. I was hallucinating while I was in the hospital.

My family put me on suicide watch at home for the next few weeks. I don’t remember a lot. Then after a few weeks I woke up and it’s like my memories started recording again.

It took months but I I started to have vivid memories from a few days leading up to the drugging or the few days after. I have vivid memories of things that couldn’t have happened. Things law enforcement denies happened.

I’ll remember things and I won’t be OK. I’ll have to take zzzquil or use another method to stay asleep. Sometimes when I wake up I’m OK. These bouts last for a few weeks at a time where I don’t feel safe or OK. Then I wake up and I’m fine again. It didn’t happen.

I have a lot of nightmares now. Before a few weeks ago I could go to sleep and I wouldn’t dream most of the time. Now I’m having vivid dreams that aren’t necessarily nightmares but I don’t feel safe.

This is impacting my job. I make good money doing something I enjoy but I’m not physically able to do it lately. That adds on to the stress.

I spend a lot of time reexperiencing the vivid memories that didn’t happen. I don’t know if it’s because were at the one year mark, the day, time of month. I know I’ve been drinking more than I normally do lately. I think that’s a trigger.

I’ve identified some other triggers that send me into a melting state. Capri sun, NyQuil, marijuana, spending too much time alone.

I’m in a new city for my job and don’t know anyone really well up here. I picked up a roommate but he spends most of his time in his room playing video games when he’s not at work.

I can’t get into see a counselor anytime soon. No one is available. One place had an open appointment in December but I would be out of town for work.

I’ve talked to a couple doctors who tried putting me in lexapro. That didn’t go well. They’ve given me a referral for ptsd.

I’m just really struggling with how I could have such vivid memories that didn’t happen. I don’t have any memory issues outside of the event. I don’t have hallucinations.

I’m just struggling I guess. I’ve tried talking to friends. It can be difficult to word things properly. My recollection isn’t great. I forget and remember things surrounding it. When I talk about it there isn’t a complete timeline. It’s jumbled.

So now I’m here looking for help. Reading about this stuff.
Just wanted to point out that using drugs cannot cause PTSD.

From the DSM-5:
Criterion H: exclusion (required)
Symptoms are not due to medication, substance use, or other illness.
I assume your PTSD is self-diagnosed?

Regardless, welcome to the forum.
While using drugs can't cause PTSD (it is ruled out by the diagnostic criteria of PTSD as it currently stands) it sounds like you had a psychotic/depersonalized/derealized reaction to marijuana. I've gone into more detail on the interplay between PTSD and psychosis here (with studies to back it up). With your UA results coming back negative for all other drugs it's unlikely your joint was laced (&& this happens extremely infrequently, to almost not at all, anyway).

I'm like you, every time I consume weed in any way, even if it's 2mg, I will go insane and end up in the ER. Docs have told me they thought my joint/s were "laced" with LSD, since that doesn't show up in bloodwork, but that is not true (&& again, the incidence of this is extremely low in real life to almost mythological -> certainly the myth of "fentanyl-laced weed" is proven to be false) because I have had that reaction from any type and any kind of weed I consume in any form.

Ours is now federally regulated, we can get it sealed up and sterile from the government at our liquor store && I have the same results. We have a lot of schizophrenia, bipolar, and personality disorders/PTSD in my family. The only reports of "laced weed" come from for-profit "drug rehab" centers and not from actual peer-reviewed scientific data (this data is so low that I actually cannot find any scientific studies that show "laced weed" is prevalent in any capacity, especially as the method used to smoke cannot be applied universally to every substance. "Smoking LSD" is not possible, the heat would dissipate the psychoactive compound).

Especially if this dude was smoking the same joint. Chances are you have an aversion or allergy to marijuana, && this can develop after one use or after a hundred uses. Psychoactive drugs are a crapshoot. As for other things contributing to your drug-induced flashbacks, I actually have similar issues with diphenhydramine & tranquilizers. They remind me of past experiences being drugged with gamma hydroxybutyrate && phencyclidine, meth & crack.

Your best bet is to avoid drugs that induce similar reactions, even if they are unrelated to marijuana in any way.
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