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New Person - I Have PTSD and Lupus

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by HelenAngel, Aug 1, 2006.

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  1. HelenAngel

    HelenAngel New Member

    I'm Helen. I'm 28-years-old. After being in and out of various, mostly ineffective therapy for years I was diagnosed with PTSD last spring due to childhood/young adult abuse (sexual and domestic). I also have systemic lupus- I was diagnosed in 2003. My husband (we have been friends most of our lives, married this past December) is a God-send to me in helping me manage my PTSD symptoms. Because I also have lupus, no one will prescribe me medication (the 'malpractice fear' in this country is a large cause of this). So I self-medicate with vitamins and St. John's wort. I was in psychotherapy but my therapist stopped her practice so now I'm looking for another one. I alternate between feeling good, feeling okay, and falling apart. Today is one of the falling apart days.

    I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. (I know some people are angry at Americans but please don't hold it against me- I'm a pacifist.) I've yet to meet anyone with PTSD and lupus, so maybe I can find a kindred spirit here.
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  3. Nam

    Nam I'm a VIP

    Hello Helen. Welcome aboard. I don't have lupus, but I do have ptsd. In some ways, we're on the same search. My ptsd was caused by repressed memories returning in my early twenties. Aparently, it's rare, and it's controversial. I have found people, though, here at this website. It makes a huge difference.

    I hope that you do find someone here that you can connect with. One thing is for sure, we are either going through it, on the other side of it, or have a friend/spouse going through it. It is a really tough journey, but worth seeing it through. I'm glad you've found us. We welcome you...
  4. Nam

    Nam I'm a VIP

    And I forgot to mention, I'm an American too. I live in the midwest, where it is pouring at the moment....
  5. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    Hi Helen,

    Welcome to the forum. Don't worry, I won't hold being a yank against you... :) Americans are the majority here already... so the rest of us our out numbered I guess. Good to hear that your looking for a new therapists... very great news, and even better that you have a supportive husband to help you. We all need that at times...
  6. kimG

    kimG Well-Known Member

    Hi Helen. Welcome to the forum. I haven't been here long but I quickly came to realize that this is a place where we can finally feel "normal" and where everyone understands what we're going through. We don't judge, rant, or rave, but we do babble, write our autobiography, laugh at ourselves, and ask for (and get) advice.

    You mentioned that you have lupus. While I don't clinically have lupus, I do test positive for the ANA, although I don't present with any of the other symptoms. This came about 3 years ago after I had chicken pox (for the 2nd time! Yeah, I am one of the lucky ones who actually DO get it twice in one lifetime!); I wasn't feeling well and the doc ordered almost every blood test available.

    I do have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis which is an autoimmune disorder. My doc watches me pretty close because once a person has one autoimmune disorder they tend to have others.

    Of course, after all I've been through, nothing would surprise me.

    So welcome. Sit back and relax. Yell, scream, laugh, smile. Above all, remember to breathe...

  7. nml

    nml Active Member

    Hi Helen..Welcome! Nancy here in southern VA. About 20 minutes form the NC border. We are almost neighbors! I was in ft. Lauderdale last year. It was winter time and I soaked up the sun. Loved it!

    I hope you stick around and join us on our journey of recovery.

  8. permban0008

    permban0008 Policy Enforcement Banned

    Hi Helen,

    Welcome aboard. I'm with my husband, we Aussies seem to be outnumbered here at the moment. That's cool with us, we don't care where you come from or how you got PTSD. We are happy to have you here and help provide the means through which you can get support.
  9. YoungAndAngry

    YoungAndAngry Well-Known Member

    Welcome HelenAngel!!

    Nope, I don't have lupus, (I'm actually about to google it right now... I'm not familar with that condition)
    But I do have PTSD, along with a couple other disorders (just to make my life more exciting, lol)

    Take care of yourself and I look forward to hearing more about you :)
  10. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    You won't like what you find YA, as Lupus is basically a breakdown of the immune system, and basically your internal system starts attacking itself. Not pretty...
  11. Butterlamb

    Butterlamb Member

    Hey HelenAngel,

    Welcome! I found your page today as I am preparing to have blood-work done tomorrow to test for lupus and/or other inflammatory/immune diseases. I am currently 22 yrs old and I have suffered from PTSD for over 6 years now. I hope you are doing well and I would love to chat with you.

  12. sisterinsurvival

    sisterinsurvival Active Member

    Hi Helen,

    Being faced with these two difficult conditions must be more than difficult on many days. I struggle with my own set of health-related issues that are tied to my PTSD but not lupus. I wish you well as you seek out support here as you journey along your path to recovery.

    Your sister in survival,
  13. amethist

    amethist The Mystic Duck Premium Member Donated

    Hi Butterlamb and sisterinsurvival

    Just wanted to let you know this thread is over 2 years old and HelenAngel has only posted the 1 post, that being the first in this thread.

    It is difficult sometimes to know which members are still active and which threads to post to. If you look at the top left of any post it tell the date it was posted. The last post will then give you an idea if it is still active. Also top right of each post, you can see when that member joined us here and how many posts they have written.

    You can by all means re-activate any thread you find. Thought it would also help you see which threads would possibly be replied to in the introduction area.

    Hope this help you in the future.

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