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Poll New PTSD Poll - More Questions for Research

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New Here
hey its alyce again thanks for your answers
i have some more questions and it would be great if anyone could answer them as i am studying the affects ptsd on the family as well as the sufferer and my family is involved deeply within this research.
1. When did the symptoms of PTSD first appear, after the initial traumatic event?

2. Do you see an end to the symptoms in your life?

3. Do you believe that PTSD effects you physically and mentally, if so how?

4. Do you believe that PTSD effects the way you operate in society?

Thanking you in advance :-)
I have split this into four unique polls Pita, because I think that was your original aim for posting within this section, to get an ongoing scope of answers, and people will generally reply to a quick tick of a button more than post lengthy reviews.

The relevant polls to this thread are:


I have closed this thread, and each off the polls can be commented uniquely as required.

Pita, if you require me to change any of the responses to the questions within any off the polls, please private message me with the details and I will change them.
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