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New PTSD'er, Need Help Learning Forum

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by minniemouse, Jul 29, 2007.

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  1. minniemouse

    minniemouse Guest

    hi! just registered... but that's about all I know about working with this site, except i also know i wasn't yet designated as "chat status worthy" in what i think was the chat room. ;)

    anyone out there who can give me some advice/direction in making the best use of this site? the difference between membership and registering? or how long time-wise before i can be a "normal" (smile) user? or just a "hello" would be great too!

    ...and then i think i read something to the effect that i'd be able to be a 'regular' after i'd written enough posts to prove i'l legit. so, i guess i'll start right now and tell you that i have pretty serious ptsd working my brain over on a regular basis for the last six months... had therapy for about two months with the first onset, and intermittenly since then on an "as needed" basis. but i seem to be running on a treadmill of late and my mind not being my friend. i'm the director and only staff of a domestic violence program and as much as i really do enjoy my clients and the work, i believe that is adding to the toll i'm racking up.

    so. anything else in particular that will let you know i'm not a spammer or predator? i could have my mom write a note? my therapist?

    mas tarde,
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  3. becvan

    becvan Queen of the Blunt! Premium Member


    You have to have patience. There is no way to beat the mod system. We will approve them as you post them, as long as they are acceptable.

    With that, welcome to the forum!

    If you feel up to it, try writing an introduction in the introduction forum where members can say hi and we can all get to know each other. It's always a good start!

  4. minniemouse

    minniemouse Guest

    still brand new

    --thanks for the response! nice to know there's a real live person at the helm.

    i didn't mention that i have only a very crude understanding of how to navigate my way around this site to the point that i'm not sure if i leave this thread (is it a thread?) that i'll find my way to the correct box within the introductions arena.

    so this may be breaking "mod" rules, but if it's okay, i'll introduce myself here because at least i'm pretty sure i'm writing this down in the correct place. ;)

    i gather this site is international so don't know if it matters that i go no further than saying i'm from the u.s. (sorry to say,) i'm an attorney (non-profit and non-traditional legal work,,, don't like lawyers much and don't want to work with them on a regular basis.) i'm a woman in the middle ages spectrum and also thought that by this time i'd be done with working on my mental health. ...and what a wicked surprise it has been to suddenly find that ptsd and its attendant horrors has sat its big butt down in the middle of my living room and is behaving as though it has permanently moved in!

    there are so many other things i'd like to be doing right now instead of trying work on all this stuff--- really would like my brain back!

    i've gotten some good therapy and understand most of the issues in this curse, but that's not helping move from my stuck place.... almost ready to put a cherry-bomb underneath myself to get at least some kind of forward movement.

    any suggestions out there?

  5. becvan

    becvan Queen of the Blunt! Premium Member

    I just made you a thread in intro! LOL

    Yes our site is world wide. You can say exactly where you are from or just generally. It is up to you what you are comfortable with.

    Ohh there are lot's of suggestions for getting in gear! LOL

    I would suggest you start by going into the Information sections and reading all the numerous threads there. We have a lot of material covered concerning therapies, self-help etc. Also read some of the threads in Chat-PTSD, as we have lot's in there on what different people are trying or struggling with. And read all of the information posted in the Trauma diaries (the where to start threads.) as you might find that of interest also.

    Btw: you have already started, by coming here! Way to go!

  6. minniemouse

    minniemouse Guest


    i have cast about on the site and actually read everything in the nature of instructions and explanations that i could locate, but that doesn't mean it has all been completely integrated into my, at the moment, seriously fuzzy brain or is immediately accessable or that i won't get lost here someplace. ;)

    just noticed there is both a "post reply" and "quick reply". this difference may be explained somewhere else, but not sure i want to get too far from here and can't get back... (surely you haven't forgotten how much the broken amydala alert screws up concentration? ;) --- i will get better with this as i continue to work with it.) is there an easy way to explain the difference?

    .... and thunder bay! believe it or not i've not only heard of it, i've driven through it and spent a couple of nights there... some time ago on my total canadian road trip. ;)


    ps-- not trying to "beat the mod system"-- just wanting to get through the preliminaries as efficiently as possible. not to mention that i don't have a clue about beating ANY system. definitely not my strong suit.
  7. permban0077

    permban0077 Policy Enforcement Banned

    If you just type in the box under the posts you can then just hit quick reply and be done. Or if you would like to add a little smile face and also see the post neatly lined up and compacted you can hit post reply and it will take you to it. Just play with it.

    If you ever feel you are "lost" on here just scroll to the top and click the dog. It will take you back to the home page. You will learn your way around soon, don't worry. Welcome to the forum.
  8. minniemouse

    minniemouse Guest


    i get it. thanks. and thanks for the dog-click excape hatch and home free move. i will need it, no doubt.

  9. anthony

    anthony Renovation Aficionado Founder

    Hi Minniemouse, welcome to the forum.

    I replied to your contact request, outlining you will be taken out of moderation when we feel fit, not before, so please stop asking, as that will only prolong it further. Please read the FAQ section which contains the basics on how the fourm works. You won't break it, you can't get lost, no need to panic.
  10. She Cat

    She Cat Policy Enforcement Banned Premium Member Sponsor $100+

    Hi Minniemouse,

    Welcome to the forum.....:hello: It's a great site.( I am sort of a newby too) You will get used to thing quickly, and become a real pro at this. I just love your sense of humor already.

    Well if you think that PTSD has moved into your living room and it feels like it may be there on a perment basis. Just pack up the suckers bag and send it some where really warm.....We will all help you to pack it's bags too.

    Again welcome,

  11. minniemouse

    minniemouse Guest


    i think i pstd'd off anthony. (sorry anthony.) didn't realize i was asking beyond the asking limit. :( honest. won't do it again. promise.

    and thank you wendy for your warm welcome. it'd nice to feel welcome and invited in. and i'll work on packing up the sucker's bag-- or maybe i'll just throw all the stuff out the window. ;)

    thanks very much for the hello.

  12. anthony

    anthony Renovation Aficionado Founder

    Not even close MM. Remember, your reading upon a forum, a medium of text, not emotion. You cannot read into a persons post unless they outright state something towards another. Don't try and mix emotion into normal text though, because it doesn't work well, especially on a PTSD forum. Part of PTSD, don't assume, presume or predict, just ask. Have you pissed me off? No, not even close. I was merely quickly outlining what needed to be said. I am extremely busy, and have little time for indepth discussion unless warranted, so you will often get short, to the point responses from me.

    Take care.
  13. reallydown

    reallydown I'm a VIP

    Hello Minn...ay...MM ;) Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to hearing more form you.

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