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Newbie Here But Not to PTSD - EMT, EMS Now Cop

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Terry, Nov 25, 2006.

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  1. Terry

    Terry Well-Known Member

    Howdy folks, an hour or so while I was NOT sleeping I asked myself what do other people with PTSD do at this hour. Found out. I am a police officer (16 yrs). Gotta back up some more. At 18 I became an EMT and worked on an ambulance for awhile, Then EMS dispatcher, EMT at the Trauma Center, disaster specialist with EMA then a cop. About 10 or 11 yrs ago I had my first full blown flash back. My wounderfull wife was with me and put my butt on the ground and didn't let go. She's worked critical care for years and has seen the bad stuff too. I was treated right after the first flashback and thought I was cured (stupid I know). Well after all these years as a cop my body and mind are falling apart. Last year I had the second seizure (maybe from head injuries) and have been off work since without pay. The city of Memphis argues that I had a preexisting medical problem. In May of this year I was set to go to trial in a Murder I worked that was the bloodiest I've ever seen. 3 days before trial I had a monster flashback. Wife said about 6 hours. The doc gave me a benzo to make it through the trial. I barely made it. I had to view and comment on crime scene vidieo and photos. After my testimony I ran to my car and sat till it was dark then drove home. I won't even attempt to list my injuries here but last week after a visit to the psyc doc., the conselor, neuro doc I went to the family doc because my knee was killing me. I have somekind of cyst or something growing in my knee. More surgery is just what I needed to get me back to work. Jeeze. I guess I could write for hours here. I was looking at the site and realized that I am not alone. Well thanks for the site and support. Looks like I'll be hanging out with you guys for a while. Tryin to keep my sense of humor. :moon:
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  3. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    Hi Terry, welcome to the forum. Wow... your entire life spent in emergency services type work, getting to see the worst humanity has to offer. I can see why you have some injuries, memories and flashbacks. Geez... good thing your wife is also within the hospital field and could help you through those bad moments. Mate, a sense of humour certainly goes a long way with PTSD... cause god knows we need it to put up with some of the shit that happens too us. If we didn't laugh at times, we would all be crazy for sure.
  4. Terry

    Terry Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the forum Anthony. If your an Aussie. would you give me some warning if the world is comming to an end. LOL
  5. GR-ass

    GR-ass Well-Known Member

    Hey. .. . .

    Of course the worlds coming to an end. lol.

    I'm making it end dammit.

    Hi, I'm cass
  6. Josh77

    Josh77 Active Member


    Welcome to the forum!! We are here to help!!

  7. cookie

    cookie I'm a VIP

    welcome, terry....this is a great place.
  8. Nam

    Nam I'm a VIP

    Hi! Welcome aboard. And by the way, thanks for all the work that you have done for "humanity". You guys are not thanked enough.
  9. mouse

    mouse Well-Known Member

    welcome Terry

    Hi Terry,
    Welcome and as one Emergency Service worker to another you have found a great place to vent, rave, cry whatever you need to do. and I understand the crap and abuse you have endured in order to help others. I hope you find peace and help here as I have begun to.:thumbs-up
  10. Terry

    Terry Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys/gals I'm impressed. Love the sense of humor here. Laughed for an hour or so at the jokes. Needed that.
  11. kimG

    kimG Well-Known Member

    Hi Terry, sorry I'm so late welcoming you (had to take a step back from the forum...). But, I'm glad you found us!

    Welcome to a place where us PTSDers are the NORMAL ones...hahaha

    You'll laugh, you'll cry...but ultimately you'll understand why...

    Hope to hear more from you...
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