Night Sweats, hallucinations and dream content


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Been doing EMDR for complex sexual trauma since January. I had full body bed soaking night sweats (chills) for over 16 years. They have finally pretty much stopped, which is such a relief because it was ruining the quality of my sleep having to change bedding, dry myself or if I was sharing a bed having to find something to sleep on.

I never used to get nightmares but wonder if night sweats is some pre-curser or whether it is nightmares but I wasn’t remembering them?

I also used to have semi-conscious nightmares (hallucinations?) where I would come to, “sleep walking” thinking there were actually snakes in the bed, under the bed, in the room or on the ceiling - trying to warn my partner or get myself somewhere safe. They weren’t nightmares but I would be aware of what was going on but it felt like I was in a dream and then would gradually become more aware but unable to stop my actions then be completely aware of what I was doing.

Since I have started EMDR I’ve had some really weird dreams, such as a whole week of people in my dreams vomiting. None of who are related to my trauma. I have never been much of a dreamer so to have vivid weird dreams is unnerving.

Anyone else able to relate?
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In some ways.

EMDR- yes
Nightmares and night sweats - yes
Semi conscious nightmares - since these usually happen in shallow sleep yes.
Dreaming though - no. I haven't had a dream I remember for a very long time. I was wondering if dreams would return but no, not to this point.

The big thing is to work on the dreams with your T. Be very careful with that stuff. You can uncover repressed memories etc. in that stuff and you will likely need help dealing with it. For me, we figured out a nightmare, worked on two words that came out of that and out popped the trauma memories - a week or two later.

EMDR is like that too. Stuff just pops out of memory suddenly with no warning. It's a good time to keep your T's number handy and to work on putting stuff and keeping stuff in your EMDR box.