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I suffer from Night mares almost nightly and Night Terrors in bursts. I have learned on most occassions to be able to know when it is a nightmare. But....occassionally they are very real to me. When I have terrors I cannot return to sleep the rest of that night. I just don't understand why they come in bursts. I can go weeks without having one and then I wake up and just know that something is in the room, although nothing is in the room and I know it. I think that is my fixation on the closet doors, if they are open I can see shapes and when coming out of a terror it freaks me further.

Does anyone else have severe sleep problems? I had a nightmare last night, it was a pretty good one, but it didn't get me, I knew it was a dream. Can anyone relate to what I am saying?

Also, occassionally I will have a dream about the trauma that I suffered, is in a totally different context. I think I need more than Diazepam to help me sleep. This sucks.
Hi Portabella,
Yes, I do have sleep problems, but it is an insomnia rather than nighmares. Believe or not, but I would already forget what it is to sleep more than 4-5 hours a night if my recent vecetion in a nice fase place did not bring some relieve :wink:
I do have nighmares sometimes, and they are pretty real: I actually do feel back there again... However, when I wake from my own scream or because my husband starts to push and stroke me, and when realize that it was just a dream - I feel relieved. Really. It was not always like this: I do remember the time when I was afraid of nightmares. What probably helped was a try to realize that a dream is just a dream, no matter how scarry it is. But for this or that reason, I rarely have bad dreams now.
My husband has the terrors every few weeks, and at due to them may turn violent, since he does not understand what is a reality at this moment. Ones he confused me with an enemy and put a cute bruise to my face, right before my trip to California :boxem:
Portabella, I have nightmares all the time too. Every time I sleep actually, even during naps. The only time I don't have nightmares is when I am heavily sedated. The nightmares almost always center around my trauma or some aspect of it. I have night terrors as well, but not nearly as often. Maybe a couple of times a month. I understand the feeling of not being able to go back to sleep very well. Actually I'm experiencing that right now. I just awoke from a sort of nightmare / flashback and I am on the forum in the hopes of calming down and getting sleepy again so I can return to bed.

Nightmares are a really common symptom of PTSD. I've tried all sorts of things to rid myself of them. I write them down in a dream journal and draw them sometimes too. I sleep in a room that is on the cooler side, with a small night light, and try not to sleep on my back (sleeping on my back seems to bring them on worse and more quickly). However, I haven't noticed any dramatic change from doing these things, although it does make me more comfortable just in general.

I have been told that the only thing which will alleviate my nightmares is working on my trauma. So I am working very hard on healing myself and hope to eventually have better sleep as a result.

Night terrors on the other hand, while they can be trauma related, they can also be the result of not breathing properly at night, hence your brain doesn't get enough oxygen. I usually get them when I am not breathing well. Do you get night sweats, or wake up gasping for breath with the night terrors or your nightmares even? If yes, you probably should go to the doctor for a check up. I have quite severe asthma, and I've had a lot fewer night terrors since taking an asthma medication just before bed.
"I just awoke from a sort of nightmare / flashback and I am on the forum in the hopes of calming down and getting sleepy again so I can return to bed."

That's EXACTLY why I am here now... even after taking the Ambien earlier.
Ambien does not work for me. Diazepam works, but they are taking me off due to the addiction factor! I breath okay, however yes sometimes I wake up in a sweat. Other times I work myself into a sweat after I wake up, thinking something or someone is in the house or just outside the house. I turn to my dogs to let me know if something is amiss.

I had a nightmare again last night about a snake biting me, what is this biting crap....and its always my hand taking the hit.

I just wonder if there is a drug on the market that anyone knows of that will stop the dreams, just for a night or two. Maybe break the cycle or something.
I am so tired all of the time.

And...I too have thought of going to a Bed and Breakfast to feel safe and have some real down time. But....what if I freak out there and I am alone, not a good thing.
I can relate to that. I have been having problems with nightmares for 27 years almost. i was told by my dr. after trying ambian without seceses to take two bynadrial.( not sure i spelled that right) at night and it helps me to get to sleep but the dreams i dont know. i try to read somthing that is uplifting and light. and alot of prayer.
Slhlibit, this is antihistaminic drug Benadril :) Normally used for allergies, but also makes you groggy and sleepy. My dog ones had an inlection after a bee sting, and then she slept all day long :sleeping:
I have Benadryil on me at all times. I'm allergic to different fish and live where fish is daily food! So I've had to pop it on a regular basis. It does make you very sleepy but I wouldn't suggest using this as a sleep aid.

Far as I'm concerned Benadryil is life saving stuff!

IIt does make you very sleepy but I wouldn't suggest using this as a sleep aid.

Far as I'm concerned Benadryil is life saving stuff!

In fact, some health care profesionals advise Benadryl as a sleep med, and I even know a veterinarian who uses it as a dog tranquilizer.
I suffer with very regular nightmares, and generally am terrified of the night. I don't take any drugs for it, the one drug I did try made no difference other than make me more tired. I'm afraid I don't have any magical answers, I am still looking for those myself... :( If you find it, be sure to let me know !

But I hope it at least gets a little better for you, because I know how stinking crap it is. Good luck.

I suffer from continual flash backs at night from the time that I served with the British Army in Bosnia, between 1992 and 93. The atrocities that I saw there were unbelievable.
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