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Nightmare help....

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I don't yet have permission for a diary on this site, so I will wait till then to share my recurring nightmare in detail. But they are exhausting, not just the disrupted sleep, but the physical/emotional toll of the nightmare. The next morning, I would feel almost hung over.

Even after the nightmare woke me up, now fully adrenalinized, I would try to scream but I was still in sleep paralysis so it would take a few seconds to wake up enough so I could scream. Not being able to scream was terrifying in itself. And even though I was awake, I could still see a dark figure moving in my room. Real? Hell yes.

So how did I (almost) get rid of the nightmare?
- Lots of psychotherapy, but EMDR was the most effective
- Severed all ties with the perpetrator. His presence in my dreams symbolized/represented the power he still had over me in my life
- The nightmare is not totally gone but I only have it once a year or less and only if I am sleeping in a strange place or am feeling insecure

I don't have any experience with medication, but I have found a 'chakra clearing' recording by Doreen Virtue of tremendous help. It might seem hokey, but if I play it as I am falling asleep, I usually konk out before it even finishes. There are probably some subliminal messages in it as well.
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