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I know I’m really stressed when I start having nightmares again. My BF had to wake me up twice last night. Someone was trying to kill me. They were hurting me. Scaring me. I was offering them money to stop.

Then I thought I saw my cat and started saying “kitty kitty” in a little kids voice in the dream. I thought I was saying it out loud but I guess I was just making loud noises. Either way saying that seemed to shift things.

IWhen I am alone my cat wakes me from bad deans by meowing in my face until I wake up. I felt like “kitty kitty” was the safe word for wake up.


Im sorry you're having nightmares again. I hate when that happens. I dread waiting until I feel better but that's not really healthy. It happens but Im trying now to accept and hit refresh and manage physical symptoms until they pass. Still sucks tho.

I think you're right about the safe word.
Take care


Sorry about the nightmares...i struggle with them too. My psychiatrist prescribed a med called Prazosin...its a anti nightmare medication that really works well for me. If things get bad enough maybe you could speak to your Dr about trying it. Hope you feel better.


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More nightmares tonight and waking up sweating. I’m on the couch now trying to cool off. They weren’t even bad nightmares but something was so scary.

I was avoiding a room with scary breathing tiptoeing to my room. I thought it was my partner in our bed when I got there but maybe not. Started saying “Help”.


First off first off - - You have to learn grounding. Its simple. ex: I am in my house. My cat is sleeping on my lap. I am safe. Use it when you wake up. If you have nightmares regularly make a space on or near the couch - a couple blankets a pillow. Get rid of the sweaty whatever - change if needed. Make a little nest and start your stress reduction stuff.
If you haven't already go to Articles on the big blue bar a the top and read the Stress Cup article. Learning to do stress reduction almost by habit will help with everything.
If you make it a thing, I would bet you will fall asleep or at least get some good rest after a nightmare.

Are you in therapy?