Nightmares and multiple separate trauma incidents.


If you have more than one trauma, with completely different circumstances do you have nightmares for both?

Are they two separate nightmares?

Are there elements of both in a single nightmare?


My nightmares fall into 3 categories
- Total reality (flashback style)
- Blend of fiction and reality (too much nightmare fuel)
- Total fiction (FFS. As if enough bad things don’t happen IRL)

My flashbacky nightmares are just that. Individual, completely distinct/unique to that trauma, no elements of anything else in them whatsoever.

The blend of fiction & reality ones? Often not only have a kaleidoscope of different traumas blended together into a bizarre whole, or pieced together like a stained glass window, or flipbook… but also totally wild never happened/never could components. Both trauma related, and not. Like my family being there, or the ability to fly.

I don’t have nightmares about all of my traumas… and many of my nightmares have nothing to do with my trauma history (like forgetting I put the baby in a dresser drawer for 2 years, ah, parenting nightmares).


I wake myself in the beginning of nightmares. I guess its a defence mechanism because I was told "of course you have nightmares after that" so they happened so frequently in the years that followed.

This was a piece of nightmare that had a former co worker in it. It seemed very very different from my old nightmare which was very mono theme. Very disturbing since I haven't had a nightmare since January when I figured out what it was really telling me. When my T and I explored it it has two direct elements (someone unseen, hand over mouth) from that incident.

Funny but thinking about it today - the huge impact of that. Lets just say swimming? Not on my to do list. Ever.