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Nightmares are Back

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The divorce was final recently and of course he is worse than before...screaming at me, then no communication... (we have kids, so we have to communicate to some degree). The sleeplessness and nightmares are back, not quite to the point of waking up in a panic yet, but almost. I'm hoping they will settle down again once we settle into a new normal? Is there anything I can do to stop the nightmares?
The only thing I know of to get rid of them is work through what is causing them in the first place. What you can do in the meantime is recognize that they are caused from your fears and memories. Record what you are dreaming (or screaming) about and deal with those fears one at a time. Work through your positive and negative thinking patterns.

Good luck!

I think that it's more about the present and future if that's possible.

Having a hard time getting out of the house and getting anything done...now I'm in that frozen mode.

A suggestion

Hi angel, I am sorry you are goign through this. I understand about nightmares, it is so hard isn't it. What works for me sometimes (I have recurring nightmares) is T told me to write nightmare out and then change ending to what you want it to turn out. Read it before you go to bed, and then your mind will change the ending. It worked for me at least for a bit, have to keep reminding myself to do and you have to do it often enough. It helped me also to put on soothing music, but some people dont like that.
Some things they have told me is: Don't eat before bed, take a cup of tea right before bed to soothe you. Soft music does help immensely.

Personally, I have taught myself to recognize that I am dreaming, as I am dreaming it. This works about 90% of the time, because when you realize that you are having a nightmare when having the nightmare, it takes the fear out of it quite a bit, like watching a movie almost. You do have to deal with your waking thoughts, "Why do I have such horrible things in my head". However, this takes alot of time and work. Also, when one makes you believe what you are dreaming its almost worse somehow. They really get you. I know I am not much help, but I have horrible nightmares often too.
OK, Port, I have heard here write out alternate outcomes to nightmares to help them change before bed. Now mine are not as often as once were but I am really lost as to how y'all get so in tune with the subconscious that you can alter them. I mean is this just one of those things you cannot explain and just suddenly happens for you? I have yet to be able to control any aspect of my dreams. It is more like I am seeing myself and feeling it both.

My son on the other hand can recognize and alter which blows me away. I just wonder if this is something you either can do naturally like art or you just can't?
Okay, I cannot alter my dreams. My dreams can be altered without me having control by what is left on the Television when I sleep. (Never have "Silent Hill" on when you are sleeping. However, I can alot of times recognize that I am dreaming, I think I start to become halfway conscious and then instead of pulling awake from fear, I recognize that I am in a dream and then allow it to continue and happen as it may, cause I know its a dream, it loses alot of its impact. I can say I never have a good dream, not one I remember anyway, always not good, bad or worse. The worse are the ones that get me.
I have absolutely no control over my nightmares, they are relentless. Wish I had something constructive to say other than you are not alone. When I find the magical wand, I'll lend it to you.
Controlling dreams is called Lucid Dreaming. I was able to do this about one year into working with my dreams and nightmares. Not always, but sometimes is better than never.

There are tips in google to learn how to do this.

I have found some people are better than others at doing it though. It takes practice just like any other new thing that one learns to do.

One important thing for those who may find you have trouble getting there, is that you first have to believe you can. If you start out with an ant-lucid dreaming thought, you can rest assured you won't have a lucid dream.

Google "Lucid Dream Techniques" Accept you can do it, and take control.........

I know when life gets too stressful...my nightmares return (thankfully through the forum and CBT) I now can deal with them when they happen and they don't take over my thoughts for a long time. Realizing in your mind and telling yourself that this is just a symptom and when things settle down usually the symptoms settle down too might help. I continue to tell myself..I am just having a bad day and it will pass soon....it really seems to be helping me. I hope you get some relief soon. Take Care. Also...if it is a reoccuring nightmare...try to write it down...get it out of your head.
I concur.... your nightmares are only a reflection of a deeper feeling. Identify the feeling/s and work through them, as they are what causes the nightmares. Nightmares for a better term are only a symptom of a deeper problem. You cannot fix the symptom, only the cause.
I know when life gets too stressful...my nightmares return

Same for me. There seems to be an almost limitless supply of ways that my body and mind now tell me that my stress levels are too high. The nightmares are the worst. Nothing like bad dreams and lack of sleep for dealing with the next day.

Figuring out what is causing my stress levels to rise and dealing with it/them (writing it out, talking, working it out in my mind, etc.) is the only way I've found to get them to go away and let me sleep.

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