Nightmares, Nightmares, and More Nightmares

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hey all!
I had another round of nightmares last night.:sleep: :crazy-eye Do they ever go away?!?! I've been putting off writing a letter to my late wife to say goodbye to her because i'm scared of what it will dredge up; i'm afraid that i'll lose my mind:crazy: :crazy-eye !! Should i wait until after the holidays or should i bite the bullet and JUST DO IT?!?!:dontknow: I don't know.

Thanks for listening,
Hi Josh, sorry to hear that your nightmares are bothering you. Unfortunately with PTSD they are almost always present in one form or another.

I know you've been toying with the idea of writing your beloved Wife the letter. Perhaps in your subconscience, this conflict carries over into your dream state as well.

You may find that going ahead and writing the letter will ease the dreams. I am a dream interpreter of sorts, so if you would like- you can send me a private message and we'll figure out any specifics on your dreams/nightmares.

Standing behind you in strength,
Little Buddy, maybe that could be your xmas present to yourself....Given with love and respect.
I'm with Terry... a lovely Christmas present for you both. Go and read it to your wife even, visit her plot....
Well, i've talked about it long enough! I am writing that letter tonight!! Thanks everyone... i just needed some reinforcement...
Peace to all,
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