No-Suicide Contracts

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What is the point of a no-suicide contract? I mean I know what the point is, to prevent suicide but how is that suppose to help anything? I guess I don't really see the point, maybe if one is at the brink of suicide it would help. I guess I don't have the experience of working with one I recently read an article about these contracts and was just wondering what people on here thought about them.
Its a method to assist the depressed person into using it as a constant source of reference that they have given their word to not commit the act within x amount of time, ie. typically between sessions. If you believe it when you sign it, then your brain has something to use and focus upon to assist in not doing it.
I would agree, it gives you a safety line. If you promise not to commit suicide in many cases that is enough to deter you from proceeding. I have engaged in verbal contracts not to harm or hurt myself on during one period of my life as it was needed and it did help.
i agree, a contract isn't a bad thing. I made a verbal contract (promise) to my husband and it kept me safe on more than one occasion.
I think it can be one of the many useful tools to help those in such situations.
I personally have made a couple verbal "contracts". One with my boyfriend, and one with my doctor.
I personally think it helps you think about someone else other than just yourself for a moment... "come back to reality" if you may.
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