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General Not eating anything but...

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Circa two weeks ago my guy wanted to eat nothing but watermelon for breakfast. We didn’t have watermelon. I asked him if I should go shopping. He didn’t want me to. We do not go shopping since the corona pandemic started but have our food delivered and have to have a delivery slot. So I ordered watermelons for our next delivery and my guy ate them but was not overly interested. Meanwhile had started eating normal again and I was not concerned. Didn’t order watermelon next time because I didn’t know it was still of any importance and he also didn’t tell me. When I asked him what to order he was just like “Whatever“.
Then my guy again said he couldn’t eat anything but watermelon or juicy pears. All things we do not have right now.... I ordered a lot of fruit/veggies... but no, he didnt want them. He said sorry a thousand times I don’t want to guilt-Trip him but I am worried... but I wonder what so special about watermelon/why he is sometimes only able to eat excactly one thing. Be it watermelon, be it milkshake.
(We also do have a lot of corona related stress)
Stress gives you stomach issues... nausea, appetite issues, heartburn, stomach aches, bowel issues... you name it. Watermelon and pears probably go down easy and may be the only thing that sounds good to him right now.

As long as he’s eating something it’ll be alright. I know it doesn’t seem healthy, but it’ll be OK for now.

Remember morning sickness? I think I lived on saltines and lemonade for a month or two. My doc said getting something down and keeping it down was the important thing, as long as I was taking my prenatal vitamins. When my vet gets like this, I think of it along those lines. Get some vitamins in him and make sure he has plenty of whatever it is he’s eating.
Chiming in as a sufferer: I second what @Sweetpea76 said just getting something down is what is important. I have two levels of this, the every day where I have specific cravings for one thing that can go for a couple of weeks and then it switches and I can’t stand the original thing anymore.

The cravings are intense, almost obsession where I will consume whatever it is without even truly feeling hungry or thirsty just because I *have* to have that thing right now. In one of my threads someone mentioned the cravings may be signaling a nutrient deficit. So I would see what watermelon and pears tend to be nutrient dense in and that might give clues. I wouldn’t force the issue though, he’s getting stuff down that’s all that matters.

My second level is I want nothing to do with any food. Everything sounds and tastes disgusting. This usually happens when I’m extremely stressed and/or anxious for long periods which you already know what would be causing that for him.
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Thanks @Sweetpea76. It’s just... well we currently don’t have what we wants. Currently I cannot go shopping... or well I actually could but he doesn’t want me too...
If I order a pears I cannot order “juicy pears“. I ordered pears, hoping they would be juicy, you know? I do not understand why other fruits aren’t the same as watermelon/pear.

I am actually sure he doesn’t enjoy being fussy about what he is eating because he is always “sorry, sorry, sorry“ and I don’t want him to be sorry.
That’s frustrating. I guess maybe just order a bunch next time and plan on making smoothies for the kids or something if he doesn’t end up eating them?

Do you have any farm stands near you? Or orchards? That’s the good thing about living in the boonies! I love the local farm stands, but now I shop there twice as much. They’re outside and not crowded (around here they’re individual family farms selling out of their barn). They usually have tons of watermelons. Pears may be a longer shot. We have a pick your own berry farm down the road as well, and an apple orchard next town over. Maybe you can find one and take the kids out picking one day (if it’s not crowded).
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That’s actually a great idea. I am not sure... I know we have farm stands selling asperagus, stands selling strawberries + often other berries, stands selling cherries. I never saw a watermelon stand though.

Growing watermelons is not very common in our country. It is possible, but I think they grow better in warmer climates + we can import them very cheap from places like Spain.

However it is still a great idea and I will ask if anybody heard if a watermelon stand.

We have several outdoor market places here where they sell all kind of fruits including watermelon several times a week... but they are always so crowded and became even more crowded now. I am not sure if it is safe. I am pretty sure my vet doesn’t want me to go there.
Have you checked any of your outdoor markets to see if they have a curbside pick up option? I just googled here and the farm I shop at will take advance orders and do curbside pickups... I had no idea! I’m excited now, because that place is getting more crowded since they’ve started harvesting the corn.
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I think my vet had a freeze reaction to the corona crisis and the fact we aren’t protected because he has lots of trouble eating and he stopped planning for our futures like doesn’t want to discuss 2021 with me or want to make plans. 😨😢
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A lot of time he eats but he is always a picky eater... and Yep, I think he just stopped planning... but I only realized when I talked about the next year with him and he had no idea... and then I realized that he hadn’t been talking about the next years/ what we will do/ what his career will be like - all things he used to discussed a lot. He just stopped talking about this.

He said he might want to go on medication or might want to talk to his therapist again but do far hasn’t done anything.
Sorry to bust into your supporter discussion.
This is weird because I have had a yen for fruit too. Would he like canned pears? I got some canned pineapple and it went down easy.
All I want is melon and citrus, since COVID stress, and my fam doesn't know what to make of it. I didn't know that food issues were a ptsd thing at all. I've had weight issues all my life. I guess it makes sense. I lose my appetite when I get anxious or depressed.
Sorry you guys have to deal with it on the other side.

**We even got fresh cut up mango yesterday but it wasn't ripe enough.... Wow. I feel so guilty all the time - like I am negotiating meals and must participate in the grocery shopping, etc. This is an eye opener.
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