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Not feeling ERR BEING Safe Because Neighbors are Vandalizing my property!

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So today I woke up to my neighbors vandalizing my property and spent the afternoon cleaning it up.

Yes, the police were called.

I say it’s not just feeling unsafe but being unsafe as rocks were thrown at our windows.

I’m feeling so dysregulated right now. And it’s hard to calm down. I took my meds so I’m waiting for them to kick in. My head is killing me. I’m shaking (which is how I know it’s bad). I’m so nauseous and want to throw up. I haven’t felt this way in a long time.

Any words of support are welcome. I am so isolated because of the pandemic and professional help isn’t available on the weekends.

I’m in the USA. Does anyone know of any support lines or text services that are free?

Thank you.
A friend of mine had a similar problem. They have apartments that back up to their home and kids were throwing giant rocks at their house/windows and such. They had to negotiate with the apartment complex to build a bigger, better kept fence. The kids and their parents were terrible. Years ago, we had a neighbor kid throwing mud balls into our pool. All it took was my husband talking to that kid. Never happened again. It’s unfortunate if you are dealing with something much worse. Also, ptsd definitely makes the situation much worse. I hope it is getting handled correctly.
I'm sorry to hear that happened. It sounds scary.
I say it’s not just feeling unsafe but being unsafe as rocks were thrown at our windows.
Yes - you're right to validate for yourself that this was not a situation where the feeling was getting confused with the facts. Fact was, your property was violently vandalized - that's a dangerous situation, it's unsafe.

Let us know how you're doing. Are you concerned for your safety, going forward? Do you know what caused it?

Well the upstairs neighbors have issues and I think they fight a lot. They throw things off their balcony onto the lawn below. The neighbors below us thought we did it and retaliated by throwing things on our balcony, along with eggs and dog poop and rocks. At this point we called the police.

The police officer was nice and said it appeared that it was an issue with the people below us and above us and we were caught in the middle. (This is the first time we learned that the stuff actually belonged to our upstairs neighbors.)

I spent Saturday afternoon cleaning up the mess. I’m now to the point where the smell of eggs makes me want to vomit. Ugh.

On Monday I notified the property manager. She said they are aware of the issues with the upstairs neighbors and currently they are involved in court proceedings. (My guess is eviction? The property manager didn’t go into details.)

Tonight I opened up my door to the balcony and saw a bunch more stuff thrown out there on the lawn. Sigh. The property manager will see it all in the morning.

We can’t wait to move, but the housing market is so tight right now. 🙁
Saw this and wanted to offer the remarkable steady steps you used in reasoning out a very real and uncomfortable situation. Having read and shared with you over the years ...I can’t offer enough praise for your choices nor enough Luv and light being sent to you among your courage.

Although neither of these thoughts have eliminated your effed up neighbors’ choices, you kept your power among a seemingly powerless situation. This actually inspires me to try harder with a few snagus occurring with neighbors of mine while I send support your way.
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