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Not So Funny Things We Do After Proper Sleep

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i.e. put cigarettes in fridge replacement for milk in my coffee. living room was so cluttered, now I am a coffee fiend not form enjoyment from low blood pressure, deadly low, started straightening up, kiddingly yelling at my boyfriend who followed suit of picking up, went into to kitchen, mind you all of ths is still going on, you are gettng the now version of after donna-lynne got sleep and what a nut I am.
Well of course coffee was not even set up, errrrrrr, said i, no capitals, too early, almost 1pm real time, 3;39am for me internal clock.
Finished coffee set up, so I thought, sat at computer announcing humorously of course, " I HAVE NOT HAD COFFEE YET!!!!!" ,? <---------, ferret just walkied on computer, questioning why mom's such a whack job this morning, afternoon, whatever, well grabbed a lighter to start a refreshing cig. (non-smokers need not reply to that, i mean it, too a good day for smarty pants)
boyfriend decided, well give her the lighter that doesn't work at the computer station, unknowingly, bam, hey , just because i couldn't stand the mess, does not give you permission to follow suit and clean up and leave me with the dude lighter! to which he replied give it to me, laughing of course, he knows me, finally one does, it light the first time he tried it. errrrrrrr, he threw me my favorite one.
Go back into the kitchen to get much needed coffee, damn, forgot to turn the machine on.
look in fridge, get out cigarettes and milk, didn't have to complain he stole my cigs, found where i hid them, italian and indian disease, hide stuff so i can't find stuff, its in the dna.
Here the coffee maker going, thoat is extremely raw, much sleep, two xanax was my magical cure, now have had, 18 hours of sleep in six day, ten hours after waking up, i.e. extremely groggy.
now, sitting with coffee and cig,
Good Morning Forum,
And how is your morning going?
Love you guys,
you understand,
how are your mornings when you "FINALLY' have gotten proper sleep?
Humor time is not for serious coffee drinkers

just an add on note, went to make coffee, got side tracked, looked in mirror, cried last night explaining the dark side to brother and fathers death due to huntington's disease, i.e. I was my brother's mom and he was scared to die, broke my heart, upside, before death no more fear, lots of relief, again, all said things i needed to remember, tears of love are alllowed, I will not be shushed or told not to cry when i feel safe enough to reveal these emotions to another, boyfriend is great held me when needed, stopped when it was from violence. Felt safe enough to share deep dark secrets good and bad with him, yes people, it was wonderful to get it out, what was not so wonderful, and we all know this fact, and don't lie and say you don't, is waking up to a swollen face and puffy blood shot eyes.
I looked in my magic mirror, want to go to doctors today to look at why headaches are hear, surgery should have solved that one, and get meds. for side effects due to memory body aches, or real reason for aches, can't walk sometimes,
Well I had to plug the magic mirror back in, monsters in sleep unplugged it,
because when I did look into that mirror, a hideous creature shun back at me,
I plugged it in, and the most beautiful Queen stood before me. Well I have to be realistic, if the Queen does not make it to fruition, I will cancel dr. appt. for today as not to scare the general public,
so, how was your face in your turned on or off mirror today?
Do not ask to borrow mine, it is acting up of late.....
after proper sleep i wonder what happened to saturday, fell asleep on friday and now its sunday morning, slept for 3 days straight once, was annoyed as i had five days off work and i had lost 3.
I love waking up after a huge chunk of sleep. I am rested, calm, I feel safe, I feel secure, and relaxed. I am smiling, content and happy.

cool bailey, we should start a marathon walk, go for at least 50 to 100 miles, rent a school gym whereby we make a bonfire outside and all go in and feel as great as you are describing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,love that you feel that way after good sleep
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