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Jessa Ryan

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Hello out there.
I've looked around the area in which I live, and there are no PTSD groups for people like myself.
For a while, I as misdiagnosed with post-partum depression- though I kept telling everyone in my life that that was NOT what was happening to me. In the mean time, my doctor sent me to a "trauma group" which mainly consisted of the victims of sexual was not a good fit for a group. In addition, after it was confirmed that I had PTSD, they could not attribute it to any one thing, because so many different traumas had happened to me since childhood. I'm from the North Eastern U.S. and am non-military. Just looking for other men and women who might have "atypical" PTSD causes...and I am not even sure what that might mean. All I know is I need some folks to talk to about this, and have not found a lot compassion, understanding, or even scholarly feedback that helps out in real life.
I hope you feel you can find support here even if there are people with "regular" PTSD causes. For me, I do not need to know what the reason is for someone to be here, I just know they are suffering like me, or know someone who has PTSD, and maybe I can offer some solace or wisdom and receive the same.

I am sorry you were put into a group therapy situation. I think medical insurance is pushing this as a way to lessen costs, but I tell you, I am not sure it is a good model for healing.

Best wishes.
You will get understanding and compassion on this forum. I know you will find that no matter what caused your PTSD, many people will be able to relate to you. I believe you will find we all go through similar issues and there are wonderful people who have posted wise hand helpful ideas to get through pretty much anything. If there's something concerrning you that isn't currently posted - post it and I'm sure someone will relate and help you feel better.

I'm so grateful to have the support and understanding of people on this forum. I hope you find this forum as beneficial as I have. I hope you start to feel better soon.
@ JaggedAngel- I don't even know, but what I can tell you is that I was treated unkindly by people who thought that their PTSD was bigger or more "real" than mine, just because I couldn't articulate exactly which trauma caused mine. It often, in group, turned into a "pissing contest" after each time I chose to share, people actually said I shouldn't be there. Needless to say, our group moderator was no help either because she was poorly trained or frankly, I think she was intimidated by the rest of the group. I guess I said I was "atypical" not because I'm different, but because they sent me to two groups (one of sex crime survivors and one of vets...) and was not treated very well in either place.

After reading through posts and discussions here, it's been good already to see how respectful people are of each other's perspectives and experiences.

Most recently, I had a c-section that I didn't need during which I felt and saw everything happening to me, my jaw was clenched shut because I had a bad reaction to the pain meds- which weren't working. Later, after being made to sign a waiver while I was drugged, they took my staples out, and replaced them with tape staples...after it was documented many places I was highly allergic to tape...then I was blamed for the skin infections where the tape had been. THey were keeping me so highly medicated after, I couldn't feel the burning from the infections. Since I'd already signed a waiver...there was no legal recourse. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I've lived through the graphic hospice of 7 elder relatives, all whom my mother, father and I took care of in our home- I could go on and on. My therapist gets frustrated with me because I start talking about one trauma, and then connect to another. I know there are other's out there, I've seen their stories here...It's just no one here I've encountered at home "gets it"
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