Occupational Health Review

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Hi folks,
I have an occupational health review coming up at work and I'm really worried about it.
There's nothing they're having to put in place, and the therapist said that he was struck by how much self-awareness I have about how I can best look after myself.
But I just can't help getting anxious about having to discuss it with my manager/internal HR. The conversation with occupational health was tough, but really helpful. The therapist was an ex-solider, so he really understood PTSD and what makes it better or worse. But I don't think my manager/HR really get it. And I'm just fed up of explaining myself. I feel like I'm having to "prove" that I'm ok to be at work, and I feel like a massive hassle/inconvenience to them. Which is not a great feeling to have when you're trying to build a career in a company.
Anybody else had experience with occupational health and how reviews with managers/HR tend to go?
Not open for further replies.