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Off To The Hospital With Child

Discussion in 'General' started by becvan, Feb 12, 2007.

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  1. becvan

    becvan Queen of the Blunt! Premium Member

    Well, not sure what is going on.. My son either is having an appendix attack or stress or ?? I have no idea. Called telehealth and they recommend he see a doc within 3 to 4 hours. (telehealth is a centre you call, manned by registered nurses.. they go through the list of symptoms with you and let you know if you need medical care or not, when it's not an immediate emergency.. they are very very handy when your not too sure) So I have, another, flat tire on my truck so my girlfreind is picking me up in an hour or so and giving me a ride there. Hopefully this is nothing serious..

    Will update after the hosptial trip.

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  3. mouse

    mouse Well-Known Member

    All my best to you and your son Bec I hope that he gets in right away and checked I hope you r hospital systems are better than ours we waited 4 hours with a lady on a soine board with a brokemn neck the other day cause there were no beds. so heres hoping i=he gets in checked and sent home and he is fine , Thinking of ya
  4. jods

    jods Well-Known Member

    Good luck Bec

    Hope your son is ok

    Sending you a big hug anyway!
  5. cookie

    cookie I'm a VIP

    i know you must be so worried, here's a (((((((((((((((hug))))))))))))))))) and a prayer that he will be well taken care of, and be well.
  6. becvan

    becvan Queen of the Blunt! Premium Member

    Thanks guys.. I'm sitting here staring at the phone to ring for my ride.. lol as if that will make it ring faster.. I have Matt laying down.. as per nurses instructions.. and no food or water.. Of course I have worse case scenario's running through my head.. it's probably some minor thing.. LOL

    GOD I hate waiting on stuff like this...

  7. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    Best of luck bec... hope matt is ok and nothing bad.
  8. becvan

    becvan Queen of the Blunt! Premium Member

    Well that was the BIGGEST waste of time on the planet.. Sat there for TWO f'king hours.. I was the first in emerg with Matt.. when the doc FINALLY showed up.. he seen a bunch of snot-nosed, whiny assed children with colds first.. nice to know that when a child is suspected of having appendix problems a bloody common cold is more important.. so Doc finally looks at Matt.. says "he's fine" take him home. that was it.

    i have no idea what the f'k is wrong with my kid! The swelling has gone down, thank god.. but that sure as hell was the biggest waste of time I have ever seen..

    So now we are eating supper, four hours later than usual, when it's my kid's bedtime..


  9. becvan

    becvan Queen of the Blunt! Premium Member

    Ugh, I freaking knew he was hiding the pain from the doc! he's limping around again in tears.. he wanted out of there as badly as I did.. am getting him to laydown and watch a movie.. and hopefully he will fall asleep..

    here's to hoping what ever is the issue.. it resolves it'self..

  10. Terry

    Terry Well-Known Member

    I hope everything is OK Bec.
  11. goingonhope

    goingonhope Member Premium Member

    bec, I know you will and please do keep a close eye on Matt. Some doctors are incompetent ..........

    I remember that my mother took be to the hospital when I was 10. I was having a sudden onset of pains. The ER doctor checked however the heck he checked. I don't remember and sent us on our way. My mother was upset when we left and was complaining and saying, gee, all that and he tells me to, Give her some attention, and take her out for an icecream.

    In the day or more that followed I lay in bed uncomfortable in pain. I remember doing the same, limping and having difficulty walking, until I didn't bother getting out of bed. The pain had increased so severely. Now I was taken to the hospital again. My appendix had ruptured, I was rushed in for surgery and hospitalized.

    bec, bec, bec. If possible, on one hand have faith Matt will be ok, but on the other please keep a very close eye on him.

    .......................feeling frustrated and oh' so pissed at er's and some doctor's, right now.
  12. mac

    mac Active Member

    Bec, I'm no doctor or expert, but as a former lab technician I believe a lab test, specifically a CBC [Complete Blood Count] can help a doctor diagnose an ailment such as appendicits (if I remember correctly, the White Blood Cell [WBC] count will generally be elevated with a increased neutrophil population).

    Way back, the oldest daughter complained of lower abdominal pain and described it as more intense than cramps. It was hard to tell if this was just a bad case of the 'monthly' cramps, or something else. A CBC was performed and the WBC count was increased. Other testing performed by the doc pointed to appendicitis. NOTE: I'm no doctor or expert, and a CBC may not explain a medical ailment. If you feel you or a loved one are ill, please seek medical attention immediately.
  13. permban0077

    permban0077 Policy Enforcement Banned

    How is the little guy doing today? Symptoms go away? Are you OK? I know that is scary as hell when it is our little ones.
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