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Okay Guys, Special Request...

Discussion in 'General' started by superd, Sep 20, 2006.

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  1. superd

    superd Member

    I want to share this wonderful place with my wife, Kim, and I need a little help in making her feel welcome here, as I do. I hope that she will join us here and get to meet all of you wonderful people who have also been through so much...

    So please welcome and encourage my wonderful wife, Kim, to give this place a try! I am going to print out your responses and give them to her, and if she is ready, I hope she will say hi. If not, then at least she'll know you all are out there for the day that she is ready.

    I'll go first: Kim, I know you are fighting a very difficult battle within...I can see it on your face and in your eyes when I look at you. I am so proud of you for refusing to give up, and for somehow tolerating this man you call your husband when his short patience runs out...I know that I cannot help you win this battle, and I will do my best not to tell you how. But please allow me to introduce you to a truly wonderful group of people from all over the world who are fightin just like you. As someone who loves you, I hope that you will give them a chance to listen to you and give you a helping hand when you feel you can't go on...


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  3. 3yrsPTSD

    3yrsPTSD New Member

    Hi Kim!!!

    :hello:Hi Kim,

    Welcome to the site!!! I haven't been on the site long but I can tell you there are nothing but extremely wonderful and understanding people on this site. Just the idea of being able to freely talk about what I deal with on a daily basis with people who understand and can relate, has done wonders for my progress with PTSD. When I first joined the site I too was skeptical, but this is a great site. People are always willing to discuss and listen to any questions or problems you may run into. I was surprised with how much I had in common with many of the questions posted on this site. I can honestly say, of the time that I have had PTSD, the people on this site have been the most understanding and accepting of my questionsand feelings about PTSD. All of the members of the site are very supportive. I hope you decide to give the site a chance. I don't think you'll regret it. WELCOME TO THE SITE!! HOPE YOU DECIDE TO STAY!!!!!!!!:eek:ccasion:

  4. cookie

    cookie I'm a VIP

    Hey, Kim! welcome. i can understand being a little skittish about posting for the first time, why don't you read some of the old posts that interest you? you'll probably find a lot of us feel the same, have a lot of the same symptoms, and it really does help to have a "safe" place to vent and ask questions where no one is going to think you're crazy or strange.
  5. Andrea42

    Andrea42 Active Member

    What a great idea John!!

    Hi Kim,
    My husband has PTSD and we are going through hell right now. I am here because i want my husband to be ok. When I realized he was going through so much I started doing my research! The support and advice people give here at the forum is amazing! Who better to learn from than those who are going through the exact same thing?!
    I also get a better understanding of what my husband is going through and how I can make life a lil bit easier for myself, for him and us while he is going though this.... Give it a try, if you don’t feel comfortable you don’t have to say anything. But go through the forum and read.
    Your husband, without a doubt loves you very much… I see that this is a positive experience for him and he wants you to be apart of it… he wants to you to be right by his side. He wants you to be ok.
    Hell, if I could help me husband I would have done it by now (and I am sure your husband can say the same) but we are know its not that easy and that’s why we
    need the support and understanding.

    Hope you hear from you!
  6. Miander

    Miander Active Member

    We are here for you Kim

    Wow Kim. You've got one great husband there that really cares about you! How lucky you both are to have found this site. Even if you don't decide to participate actively, you can always just read posts and get information. I think for me the thing that helped me the most was knowing that I wasn't the only one going through all the things that people with PTSD go through. I spent some time reading through this site before actually posting. I think there are alot of members that only read. You are so lucky you have a husband that cares so much about you and wants to try and help you. My husband is prone to calling me crazy, saying that "there is something wrong with you" and a host of names I don't care to repeat. Lucky for me and every one else here, there is a site like this. I honestly believe that with understanding, support and love, you can get through anything. Hope to see you posting!
  7. Nam

    Nam I'm a VIP

    Hello Kim,

    I have been on this forum for some time now. This place is great. There is only one drawback and it is that it's addicting! But that's ok. I find myself on this site daily if not more. On the really nasty days, I'm on here for hours.

    I have had PTSD since July of 2004. It was a sudden onset although I have been suffering for quite some time. I regret that I did not have this resource when I was going through the worst of it. I remember going through the days thinking I was a freak because I had yet to meet a person with PTSD. When I read the few posts here for the first time, I was just amazed. I was not alone! I also realized that I was doing ok. This site makes you think, sort things out, and get it out. That is all good progress!

    This site also has many private forums to chose from, and other stuff. We have an art thread, a poetry thread, jokes thread, and on and on. Do I sound like an advertisement? Oh well, I LOVE this PLACE!!

    I do hope that you join us. We are all a very kind community here.

  8. kimG

    kimG Well-Known Member

    Hi Kim! This is Kim, too!:smile:

    Just wanted to say you're not alone in all this. Besides your wonderful husband, you've got us. We know what you feel like, we know what you go through with the day-to-day struggles of PTSD.

    I, like you, suffer from PTSD. Mine was caused by years of abuse from my mother and brother. I wrote about it on a thread a couple months ago, but if you want the full story, PM me.

    Feel free to rant, rave, scream, cry, yell, laugh, smile....vent. It's very therapeutic!

    Oh...one more thing...when I was a kid there were very few social places I could go where I did not find another girl named Kim. This is proof that it's still happening today...:smile:
  9. permban0077

    permban0077 Policy Enforcement Banned

    We are here when you are ready to open up to begin your healing process. It is a lot of work, but to make it to the point of PTSD you have already proven you are a survivor. There are terrible things that have happened to so many, some of us very simuliar, some very different, but we all ended up with PTSD in the end and are symptoms are almost all the same and help each other through them. Like I said we are here when you are ready, I encourage you to make that first step, it is not easy, but it is worth it if you want help to heal for both you and your husband. And trust me, you can't surprise us with anything, we have read or been through it all!
  10. YoungAndAngry

    YoungAndAngry Well-Known Member

    Hi Kim :)

    So, you have PTSD... it's hard to accept, I know...
    Forgetting things, blowing up for no reason, the anger...
    Everyday is different, some are better than others
    and then there are the days that just suck.

    When I first was diagnosed, my life was flipped upside down.
    This forum didn't exist then... and I slowly became a hermit,
    too scared to go outside.
    I felt so damn alone... I couldn't explain what I was going through with "normal" people... they always seemed to be uncomfertable when I talk about "negative" things.

    Finding this site, and meeting people who are going through the same things as me... it's hard to explain how much it's helped me.

    I'm not alone anymore,
    and you don't have to be either

    Take care of yourself Kim,
    YoungAndAngry :)
  11. piglet

    piglet Well-Known Member

    Hey Kim! Come join the fun. You can rant as much as you like, get advice for things that are bugging you, give us the benefit of your valuable experience and generally have a place where people understand you and don't judge you. Hope to catch you on here sometime soon, when you are ready.

  12. superd

    superd Member

    Thank you so much everyone...I have printed out this thread and will give it to her tonight. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...:)
  13. darkskies

    darkskies Active Member

    hi kim, hi superd,
    i joined a month ago. i found it scarry and daunting to post first so read some of the threads that caught my attention. when i did pluck up the courage to post i recieved nothing but kindness, support, acceptance and good humoured truth. By typing in a few words i have found a place here in this forum where i can be me (un hidden). here i have freedom to express my thoughts, feelings and inner hidden emotions that have been respected and accepted here and had fun along the way too. You can too, you are welcome here when ever you want, come say hello sometimes, all the best what ever you decide,
    jo (darkskies)
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