Old age and cPTSD


Ok my age is on the front burner a lot more than my symptoms sometimes I think evasive my primary symptoms are old age. I’m not that old BUT

I got diagnosed with prostate cancer 2019. My osteoarthritis which started bothering me in my forties is KILLING me this year MAN that hurts. I take a handful of pills with an alka seltzer and coffee to get out of bed every morning (I’ve never successfully quit coffee). I am successfully off psych meds and booze, for which I thank cannabis. My libido is stuck at about 15 years old, which you would think difficult at my age, but where there’s a will there’s a way, and there’s always generic viagra, which I can get cheap but I don’t really use much lately.

And so on. Did I say I was afraid to fall in the bathtub? Anyway, please post anything that helps along these lines or how you cope with age, as you cope with your diagnosis and everything else. The geriatric hangout lol.


What? Old? I'm not old. Oh yeah, I am. I am always surprised to find I'm not in my 20's anymore and can't work as hard on the farm as I used to. I do what I can, and try to let the rest go. It's so annoying though.


My skins not my own, don’t read this is you’re squeamish. I had a morbid obsession when I was a kid that I think was from a recurring nightmare about a skin condition. I think I died from it in the dreams or it was fatal. I can still see it. My skin was broken into squares with deep cuts in between like cracked and all ugly and sick.

I picked a little thing on my face the other day and it bled. I tried squeezing it and like I said it’s not my skin anymore it’s an old mans. I was afraid to squeeze I was like I’ll make a big hole in my cheek. Anyway I stuck a little square of TP on it like the men used to do in the old days when they had to use a “safety razor”. I have one still, it’s on the shelf by the bed. I reached for something yesterday? And cit myself. Those things are barbaric! Anyway I got in bed because the toilet paper thing was for the pillows, I take lots of aspirin so I bleed like a stuck pig. I’m a very violent t sleeper and I toss and turn and to my utter astonishinment I got up in the morning and it was still there! The clear fluid I was leaking was super glue I guess. Life’s grand ain’t it? Golden years.


I keep having dizzy spells. I've almost fallen several times.this a reaction to one of my meds.

My shoe size has gotten wider and longer than it used to be. I can't
drive any more. Back aches and joint problems abound.

On top of all this, I have to deal with several mental health issues. I have a few of them, not just PTSD.

Thankfully, I can work, taking care of a woman who has Alzheimer's. She gets confused a lot and is ornery sometimes. She loves me and I her. She's in her eighties and I, my sixties. It appears that I have started to suffering from Alzheimer's too. Both my parents had it too. I plan to see a Dr soon.