One Thing That Made You Smile Today?

Oh wow! Oh wow! Took the dog out, in the garden I had a violet (annual) pop up late fall, those have a positive meaning for me so I left it, tiny as it was (I transplanted one once into a shotglass). Oh wow, now it went warm. There are 3 blooms! It has snowed (inches, not a dusting) more than once. 😲😲😲👀 Wow! That's kind of amazing. Small, but amazing! A flower in the winter, and that flower of all things. 🙂 That is so sweet! Well totally amazing!
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What made me smile today? A very cute memory of my amazing PTSD hero-gone M.I.A sadly. A memory . One of many. One memory just flashed in my mind. I smiled.
As a result of the above- something else made me smile- to comfort myself and self care - ate a few Cheetos( I know , I know - don't laugh ! ) Self care can take many forms! I sometimes think outside the box.
I was eating lunch at a nice place in town when i saw that a woman had left her purse behind after eating her lunch, walked over, asked nearby tables if it was theirs, no, but she is across the street right now. Okay, I pick it up suspended by one finger and carry it over to her that way to much thanks and as i am walking back I think “ you saw her leave it, you watched her cross the street and if i hadnt asked you if it was yours you were planning to what? pick it up on your way out and leave with it?”
I think the same thoughts had occurred in another brain because the nearby table where the “ witness” was sitting was vacant except for a half eaten lunch.
i finished my lunch with a smile.
On a walk in the evening saw some family in a driveway gathering around a car (not sure what kind) and then the car started putting on a performance! Auld Lang Syne was blasting, (seemed like external speakers?) and the lights were blinking on and off in sync and various brightnesses! I think the trunk was opening and closing too, but maybe they were opening the trunk? Not sure. Seeing that was definitely a first for me. I thought it was like one of those synchronized Christmas lights shows but it was the car!