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One Thing That Made You Smile Today?

Finally selling an item. I had advertised it a few months ago, several times, starting at $50, then $40, then finally offered it for $30 or best reasonable offer....absolutely no takers.

Had a gut feeling I should post it early last week and ta-da! Had an out-of-state individual who wished to stop and purchase it on their way through, but they couldn't make it until today, so offered me an extra $20 to hold it for them, so I got my original asking price after all. :woot:
I was standing at the bus stop, wallowing, and also, looking at my feet cause I stubbed my toe getting into bed at 5 this morning and didn't even look at it then. Anyway, then I thought, if someone saw me standing at the stop staring at my feet, what would they think, then I thought of the Simpson's episode where homer stares at his fingers and says "they're called fingers, but I've never seen them fing", and wondered how that would work.... They're they're called feet....but I've never seen them..... eat? Then pictured feet eating, and lol'ed for awhile.