One Thing That Made You Smile Today?


Looking over photos from our recent visit to the Geocaching HQ. They have an old photo booth machine there. Anyone remember those?! Dating myself, I know, but the machine would take 4 quick pictures and then print them out on a little strip. So fun! The machine at HQ is free so I might have gone a bit overboard, but the pics are fun to see 🙂


For a very long time I thought I had been putting off replacing a bathroom faucet even though I had the replacement in a box in the garage nagging at me whenever I saw it. I live out in the sticks just a bit so you buy two of anything you know will need to be replaced someday and even though the box was on the shelf I just never got around to replacing that faucet. drip, drip, drip, Today was the day, cleaned out under the cabinet, shut off the water, took out the old and finally walked out and opened that box- some old nuts and such from a previous faucet, a tub of plumbers putty and a wrench i had lost and replaced a LOOOng time ago- no faucet. went back inside and checked, the faucet I thought I had on the shelf was installed in another bathroom and evidently i put the box of tools and stuff from that install on the shelf. Somehow I don't feel as bad now that I know I didn't have that facet nagging at me all this time, I just thought I did. Ordered two more on the Amazon.
Even if the pain was in error and self inflicted, it still feels better when it ends.