One Thing That Made You Smile Today?


@Agita Kaput - As @Sideways pointed out - this is a thread called "One Thing That Made You Smile Today".

It's a distraction thread. Not a debate thread, and not a place to start holding court on Django Unchained, slavery, and intergenerational trauma.

While they are all valid topics, this is not the time or place.

It's very hard for me to believe you had lost track of what thread you were in. You've claimed that in the past, and I was under the impression you intended to make more of an attempt to maintain a sense of where you were on the forum. But it's becoming increasingly clear that you're not interested in actually being here; so, your account is being banned.


Lady's kittens.


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I went outside in bare feet and sat near the baby seagull. It came towards me and pecked my foot. I stroked it and it was so soft and fluffy. It's just this small ball of grey fluff. I wanted to pick it up and kiss it but I didn't.