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Organized gang stalking target

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by AngelaJ, May 8, 2017.

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  1. AngelaJ

    AngelaJ New Member

    I had never heard of this til it happened to me. My neighbors, family, friends, roommates, businesses that I frequented regularly, and eventually my co-workers and boss all became part of this informal policing programming. It sounds completely absurd. I couldn't believe that all these people could turn on me, or how the disinformation was being spread. Or why people who had known me so long would participate in this program and not tell me what was happening. My phone was hacked. My guests at the restaurant I worked at were all looking at their phones, and then saying things like "there's that girl from facebook" "I'm disgusted". They started walking out on me. I could walk to the store, as my car was stolen, and walk past the project where all the people standing outside were saying there's that girl from Facebook. No-one would tell me what they were seeing on their phones though. Finally a girl at my job said at least you're still alive. I said of course. She said well no one wins til you either commit suicide or end up in a psychiatric facility. I said it's a game? At this point I googled it and found that this is happening to millions world wide. I have been conditioned to Cell phones, creaky ceilings(for there were people in my attic), the crunching leaves( as people were in my yard hiding in bamboo, shining green lights in the window, etc.), sounds of motorcycles( as the motorcycle would make circles around the blocks of my house to pick people up and drop them off). I was being gaslighted. I could go on and on...Anyone heard of This? I moved away to another state. And for the first time in my life called a mental health professional. I have never had any mental diagnosed til now, PTSD and MDD. The Dr gave me Latuda. I haven't tried it yet. Any one try this med before?
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  3. FireSign8

    FireSign8 Active Member

    Yes, I have heard of this & before they days when everyone had cell phones, I was a victim of a similar type of public hazing (that is what I called it), but the term of gaslighting is a more accurate description of the horrific acts that a mass group of people can heap upon the person they are targeting. I was the target in a drug operation & by the time I figured it out, I had spent years attempting to hunt down the person who was giving the orders to these people.

    I moved far away & it stopped, then it started again & I just laughed in their faces & they eventually gave up trying to intimidate me. It was a good learning experience for me! I now know the true meaning of the phrase, "Walk softly & carry a big stick". Just keep your stick hidden & make them wonder what you have up your sleeve. I turned to street drugs & I have no doubt some of it was cut with psych meds like latuda. I tend go batshit crazy on any type of meds, so I won't take them. I find it spoils the fun of figuring out life.
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  4. I have been being stalked by a very large number of people for a couple of weeks now. They don't threaten me or destroy property. They simply follow me around. From town to town down gravel roads to my doctors appointment etc.
    Last summer two young women I knew and one of which I had spent a nice bit of money trying to help her, broke into my friends house on my watch and it only happened because I had given her room to do such a thing. I say her because I have known one for quite awhile and she would not have gotten a chance to get that far at all. Except ghat the two conspired against me for this whole mind f*ck from way back before the breakin and without my being aware of ghem knowing each other. In fact, they left me fighting shadows for about 7 months over exactly who had broken into the house. When I found out, I hold them I was going to do all I could to get them in jail. Their response was to say something (not true) or to twist the truth so badly that a seemingly very organized stalker group has been enlisted to aide them. Funny thing is, I haven't even gotten a turn. YET!!!! These girls have been pulling strings since word go. I didn't know who I was fighting until about 7-8 months into it. Hell I didn't know I had a fight in my hands for the first couple months. These two are narcissistic sociopaths if ever there were two Anyway, what group would be organized. Possibly nationwide. But dumb enough to listen to a couple lying women and take their part without even investigating the target or getting his side of the story. Any suggestions? If so , how can I reach the retard in charge? Hell I will drive to his office no matter where it is as long as in america. Any help is appreciated. Like I said they aren't threatening as if yet. I call ghem my fan club. They follow me to make sure I am safe and never. Alone. :)
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  5. Shahyar

    Shahyar Guest

    This gang stalking is a true phenomenon. It's now many years that I've this problem and if you research, there are many people like us. I won't go to detail about what happens to me, but believe me that i'm being stalked in the worst possible manner for many years.

    As you mentioned yourself, goal of these people is to destroy your life, make you crazy and eventually force you commit suicide.

    My advise for people like us is:
    - Accept the situation and be strong
    - Don't fight with them (they are very big, organized, international groups with unbelievable amount of money and abilities)
    - If you really know that you're mentally healthy, don't use any medicin
    - Never get upset (Mahatma Gandhi says: To lose patience is to lose the battle)
    - Try to inform people about this phenomenon and wait for the day that governments recognize this crime and do something for us.
  6. jon d

    jon d Guest

    They are all ex military think about it cops fire fighters and any thing an ex military can
    get a job in and their kids and their friends. Anyone ex military should be not trusted
    in your life. Everyone that I have noticed, that I know is a stalker for sure is ex military.
    I just noticed the PTSD guess I an dense at times. I have a sat dish for
    tv and noticed when it is on tinnitus is worse, I got a tv box and no tinnitus. EmF and
    RF is way high for a sat dish. They might use a piggy back carrier on a sat dish.
    There main weapon on me is LRAD & the audio spotlight watch for a phony skylight
    that come and goes in bad weather. Blink hypnoses Instant hypnoses and NLP
    Danger. Obama funded MIT to map the brain for PTSD for veterans I never trusted him.
    It is clear that PTSD can be caused by subliminal hypnosis by electronic means.
    Post hypnotic amnesia a result that blocks memory's you unable to function as a human
    being. To them you a can on the fence, just a target.
    Good luck fellow lad rats.
  7. anonymous

    anonymous Forum Anonymity Premium Member

    The tinnitus is caused by the gap between the tinfoil hat and the fillings in your teeth. Instead of wasting a bunch of money on a tv box, you could have just chewed on a bit of tinfoil. With the circuit being stronger with the conductor foil in your mouth, this should lessen the interference feedback being caused by the signal degradation.

    Oh, and as an added bonus. If you stand in just the right spot, you might be able to tune into HBO. Just don't stand on your roof during a thunderstorm. All that conductive metal makes you a lightning rod.
  8. i didn't relize what was going on, I thought it was my exhusbands friends still harassing me,,i just left a really brutal domestic violent relationship,,my ex almost killed me a couple times,,i was stabbed .,shot at,stalked ,,terrorized,i couldn't do anything I gave up ,,being beating for a year straight ,,I suffer from ptsd from all this when drugs took ahold of him ,all of his problems in life was targeted at me,i was held hostage for weeks at a time ,,regular beatings ,,no family contact,,no way to defend myself from his lies,i was cast as a drug and alcohol user,a gang member ,dealer everything he could lie about ,my jaw was broken repeatly for 8 months straight ,I couldn't talk,he hunted me with a bike,street after street all night,,the longer I was away from him the severe the beating it was,,many months and fighting for my life i gave up and just accepted that he was going to kill me,things got easier to get away from his terrorizing ,,but it left me with ptsd as i already had depression n anxiety ,,the thing is,,when he was in jail,all of a sudden i felt people watching me,as u know being stalked raises your senses you notice little things, i was so confused since he was in jail, this happened for months ,i thought i was going crazy i didn't want to tell anyone,all the abuse my ex did to me the verbal it messed with my mind so much i didn't want to live anymore,,so many times i came home crying wanting to hang myself not knowing why i was being bullied ,didn't they know who they are doing this too? a survivor of domestic violence ,i was being followed in cars ,i got sexually assaulted ,i got assaulted twice ,,my neighbor jus watched my house all night just standing outside,my other neighbors trucks 3 of them keep reving up their engines late at night ,,trying to scare me, its got so bad i didn't even want to leave my home,last week i got dragged outside my house with police breaking my door n windows,,i was sleeping alone in the house,they turned my house upside down,people calling me a drug dealer,,when they overlook the real dealers in the neighborhood,,im only one woman,do they even think who they are targeting? im a mother of 6.my kids are in care for safety issues from my ex,,not from drug or alcohol use, they should focus on real issues ,you cant resolve a problem by bullying ,it just sets another issue to overcome,dont they know that they are hurting a person, they keep triggering my ptsd flashbacks emotions when they are doing this,how can i help myself from ending my life when it wont stop,,im trying hard to stay strong ,,but theres too many ,my kids need their mommy ,im a good mother,,im in wpg any advice would be welcome,,im out of ideas ,im also in the non profit profession,
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  9. SomeoneFemale

    SomeoneFemale Member

    I also think I am a TI. But I'm not sure if gangstalking is real, or if people are just really cruel to strangers on a regular basis and road rage causes homicidal tendencies. I have had enough circumstantial evidence to really build a belief in gangstalking. Most notably, being pulled over by the police around 100 times (give or take) when I was 18-19 years old (I'm white, for the record, in case anyone justifiably associates race and police action). In more recent times, most notably boxing me in on freeways and driving erratically to "cause me to have an accident", and strangers verbally harassing me. It could just be I am a bully magnet, and bullies can't help but to show their true colors when I am around: a social filter.

    Last night at a restaurant I ordered tea, the hostess said we have iced tea and I said that's fine. I went to serve myself the tea and a waitress said "that's not free" I replied "I bought tea" and she said "Oh, we will bring it to you." A moment later she brought me my receipt and said "You didn't buy tea, see? Want to buy it now?" Basically making me look like a thief. I said no. Then, as I was leaving I pulled her aside and said "Do you really think I tried to steal that tea because if so I can never come back here" and she replied "Oh, no I just think it was a miscommunication." I am still never going back there: because if they had felt it was their mistake wouldn't they have just given me the tea? That incident felt like gangstalking whether it was or not.

    Unrelated to that, I've had two personal stalkers, one ex and one man of an emotional affair. The man we shared the emotional affair happened to be ex military and he instigated everything. I only mention it because he is ex military.
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  10. SomeoneFemale

    SomeoneFemale Member

    I forgot to note I've been bullied my entire life, since preschool.
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  11. SomeoneFemale

    SomeoneFemale Member

    My heart goes out to you.
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  12. Kay Mouse

    Kay Mouse Member Premium Member

    I am quite familiar with this scenario and completely believe that there are individuals who are subjected to this kind of harassment on a regular basis, but simply choose to view it as 're-enactment', which Pete Walker describes in his book. I have experienced this phenomena on a fairly large scale, in jobs, where I was harassed and spied on at every turn, and even on a smaller scale. I have occasionally had random people scowl at me or deliberately elbow me in the street but thankfully that kind of thing has diminished in recent years. It's re-enactment, a person's subconscious mind creating traumas/stressors/triggers because that is what their subconscious mind has decreed is 'normal'. Which is incredibly sad.
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  13. Ronin

    Ronin Dark Wings Premium Member

    ... are you sure it was personal, much less anything more?

    I don't think that's outside of normal experiences with just moving on the streets.
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