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1. Does anyone have pretty good ideas of their alters? Names/ages/likes/dislikes? I do and I feel like I am making it up...
2. What all did you have to do before being diagnosed? My therapist mentioned it and wants me to fill out some questionnaires.
3. When did you first realize that you aren't alone in your head? I just became fully aware a few years ago but had ideas prior. Is this normal?

Mercy Joy

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It’s normal :)

Some of my parts I know better than others. Some I know their names and some I don’t. Some I know their likes and dislikes and some are still a mystery. It’s a process.
I have 19 parts that I know of right now. I know a lot about 8 of them and only a little about the others. A few a know almost nothing about.
I struggled with wondering if I made it up for a long time. But anytime I would fight it, things would get worse. When I relaxed into and worked with it then things would get better.

DID is usually diagnosed through process of elimination of other possible diagnoses plus doing the SCID-D or similar.

I’m not exactly sure when I knew I ‘wasnt alone’. I just knew that I talked to myself all the time and that a lot of times I felt like ‘somebody else’. I wouldn’t be able to control my body and what it did. So many other whacky symptoms that I didn’t understand and was scared to tell anybody.
I’ve been working with my therapist for over a year now and I’m doing SO MUCH better now that I’m properly diagnosed and getting the right help.

(I meant to say OSDD and DID, not just DID)
People with OSDD often present, initially, as more fragmented than people with DID. As in: people with OSDD know their systems better, know that they are fragmented, etc.

It seems like a bad thing, but it actually means that the amnesia barriers are lower than they are for those of use with DID.

So I think it is pretty normal that you have a good idea who your insiders are. Also, a good sign.
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