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Other people’s negative opinions about disability & hospitalizations

Discussion in 'Employment, Education & Disability' started by trying2movefwd, May 16, 2018.

  1. trying2movefwd

    trying2movefwd I'm a VIP

    I've been volunteering at a school on very part time basis. I am on disability. Today the director of the school was cracking jokes about being on disability. Yesterday an intake worker at a clinic gave me a face about the amount of hospitalizations I have had. First of all.. I do not want disability! It's been a need in my life! Second.....I AM NOT proud of the hospitalizations. I am coming on 14 months without hospitalization. I am working toward not needing disability, but a stupid thyroid issue has interfered and set my mental health back. Plus May and June just sucks. That's all. Well it's not..but anyway.
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  3. Justmehere

    Justmehere Defying the odds Moderator Premium Member

    Statements about them. Not you.

    Keep on keeping on, and don't mind those who just don't get it. :hug:
  4. EveHarrington

    EveHarrington _______ in progress. Premium Member

    If I was feeling brave, and confronted with such an ignorant comment, I’d say “Well, should you ever become disabled and unable to work, I hope you put your money where your mouth is and refuse to receive disability, even though you pay for it with every paycheck. I hope you know this means you’ll likely run out of money at some point because you’ll be uninsured, no? Being on disability means you’ve got medical bills, and no insurance means you’ll whip through your savings in no time! And once that happens, you can look forward to being homeless and living on the street. Have a nice day!” (About face.)

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  5. trying2movefwd

    trying2movefwd I'm a VIP

    So true and you made me laugh! Thanks.
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