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Our cats


Hi all, let's talk about and share photos of our cats.

This is Ferdinand, my emotional support cat, who is my best cat friend. He loves hanging out with me all the time except from 11am to 6pm, which is sleeptime. Sometimes he'll get in bed with me and sleep on top of me overnight.

I never had a cat before, but I got years of allergy shots just so I could have a friend like him. Modern medicine is (usually) wonderful.
My kitty cat.. named Misty. She loves to be loved on. She is our emotional support ?!! We lost our first baby. This one is a rescue and fits our family like a glove! The third pic she has half of her body one the treadmill ( very small house) laying down, while she has the other half standing up!!! She's a small cat.. Maybe the runt? She's so loving.
I should add that we never had a cat before Ash! Even when I was single! I hated the thought of cat hair all over the place but I needed someone to love me. I didn't have a boyfriend then. So. I got the cat and the boyfriend at the same time. I was hooked after that. I've tried having two different cats with Misty.. They just didn't work out and we got them both really good homes to be spoiled in. They were not use to other cats ( besides their brother or a sister) but I can't help and look. We may eventually get a kitten one day
I don't have a cat now, but I used to have four of them. Hamlet was my favorite. He was the boss cat, kept all the other cats off the kitchen table for me. He was a rescue, gray when we first found him. We gave him a bath and he purred throughout the whole time! He turned out to be a cream colored cat. I still miss him sometimes. It's been over forty years....
I currently have four cats. The first two are Slinky, a miniature North American domestic shorthair (top of image), and Xavie, a domestic shorthair. They’re both full grown adults. Slinky is just very mini

Below is Taz, looking up. He has very expressive eyes, and a lot of anxiety. Vet thinks he has feline PTSD, but he’s been doing really well with regular pets. Not sure of his breed, so: North America domestic shorthair, lol

He yells and panics infrequently. A good boy. Today during my therapy appointment (they’re in a room separate from the main house) he started screaming and then loudly vomited. He do that kind of thing

Last picture is Kichi, who is HUGE. She’s Xavie sister (but they’re all adopted siblings), and is a tabby and Maine’s coone mix. She was born with bad hips and constantly falls over, but she really loves to at least try to get into laps for cuddles


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