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Our Future With AI

Curious how you would describe the feeling when you are in the uncanny valley. My guess is something like creepy, but that’s an assumption.
Oh… it’s a tech term, and tech Olympics to vault across, not my own.

Mod Note:
@Ecdysis - do you have any thoughts or comments about the video you shared?
Umm, I thought it's a good reminder to be cautious of ChatGPT with medical questions. I've found the AI here pretty reliable as regards to PTSD questions, but a 75% error rate regarding medications is probably a good reminder to treat everything it says with a big, big pinch of salt.

Study: ChatGPT wrong on 75% of medicine usage questions​

Unfortunately, ChatGPT would only know what data is entered into it. When I complete survey questionnaires, I’ll often noticed that there is no way possible to provide an accurate answer. For example, I recently answered a survey questionnaire about my last meal - was it high fat, high protein or high carbohydrate. Well neither answer would describe it, yet, the survey provided no other choice. So, I guess I’ll have to lie. Data entries just don’t cover the gray areas.