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Santa brought my children a Beagle pup for Christmas. I'm not sure what he was thinking :crazy:


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Hi is adorable Cin, but he does look as if he can be a handful.

We have a cat, who turned up on our door step as a tiny kitten nearly 15 years ago, 5 years before I met my husband. She has been a life saver for him, always there by his side through his tough times.

We can never ever re-pay her for what she has done for him. She has sat by his side until I have arrived home, told me on numerous occasions that he is ill, when I have thought he has been asleep. Only for me to go and check on him and find he is in a mess, needing to be woken from a flashback/nightmare, then reassured he will be fine, given an aromatherapy massage to calm him again. Many times he would have suffered alone had it not been for her persistently telling me until I go to him.

He now would like a dog, a west Highland Terrier is his choice, to take for walks, this will happen in time but not just yet.

He kind of reminds me of me. If dogs could have PTSD, I think he does.

Ha, nie, I think the same thing about my pet. He gets scared easily and lashes out violently whenever he feels cornered (just holding him triggers this). I adore him, and when I let him have his space, he comes to me and we get along fine. I'm glad we found each other. I don't think anyone else would understand him and love him as I do. Maybe because of this, on my bad days, he makes me feel like I do matter and have purpose in this world.
I have a sweet Jack Russell terrier (broken coated) who is also 4 like yours nie. She was adopted when she was 9 months old. A little skittish but VERY loving. It is all she wants. Just unconditional love! You are right... can mirror our personalities for sure in many ways. She makes me smile and laugh and she just wants to cuddle... when I pace too much it seems she is following me saying, "sit already so i can!" lol

That beagle pup is tooo cute!! ; )
My pups are definitely sunshine in my life. They are so sweet. The other day, I burned my hand while cooking and let out a little yell of pain - one of the dogs ran upstairs and started barking at my husband to alert him that something was wrong. They both love our pet rabbit, which I think is more work than a dog. Dogs are pure of heart and are forgiving and love unconditionally, and true defenders of those they love. This week I am adopting two small kittens for my elderly mother. She really needs something positive in her life, and I hope these kittens bring her joy. I am also praying they don't create any obsticles while she walks. So say a prayer for my Mom and the kitties if you think about it! Thanks : )