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Our Precious Pets

Discussion in 'Social' started by Grama-Herc, Apr 1, 2007.

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  1. Grama-Herc

    Grama-Herc I'm a VIP

    :angry-fla As if we done have enough on our plate now we have o deal with the possibility of loosing our beloved pets! I pray that none of you out there have had to deal with the lose of your pet over this food contamination crap that is going on. My are ok for now, but I did discover that my cats treats had that dam wheat gluton in it. So now I have 4 pissed off cats cuz they are not getting their morning treats. Can't buy them anymore til the check comes in plus- Unless the cats die- the company will not reimberse me for the treats I'm stuck with that I can't use which I think is a pretty crappy way to run a business. But oh well, that is my complaint for the day except that I had to call my 83 mom to talk me down off the ceiling Friday evening over this pet food thing. My cats are my life and when I discovered the wheat gluton in their treats I sorta LOST IT ! ! ! I'm ok now I guess???? Hope all of you are ok too Talk to me HERC
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  3. mouse

    mouse Well-Known Member

    I hope that you find a solution to the treats the company wont take them nback and reimburse you for the unopened ones seems like I would be contacting The Better Business bureau for help. Good luck the squaeky wheel gets the oil.
  4. reallydown

    reallydown I'm a VIP

    I don't have any cat sor dogs and don't have to worry about the food thing but I recently lost my bunny-wabbit so I know the pain of losing a precious pet. I hope you manage to find a way out of this. Take care Herc.
  5. map9

    map9 Active Member

    My Babydoll was put down

    I had to go to the Vet this morning. They had to put my sixteen year old tricolor tabby, Babydoll, to sleep from the effects of this poison. She really took a downturn over the weekend. This morning vomiting blood and that was really bad. They had done all they could do for her.

    The part that just tore me up was that she tried to stand as I was leaving. When the vet was giving her an examination while I was there he said "You know she still is purring." I broke down then, could not stop crying. I felt awful, like I was respondsible for this. They reassured me that this company makes just about all the wet food for North America, it wasn't anything I had done to her.

    They didn't charge me for anything except the anesthesia and disposal of the body. I was surprised by that but the lady in the office said the pet food company is paying these bills.

    So, if you notice your pet leaving food uneaten, not drinking water, walking with an unsteady gate, sleeping way too much or lacking any enthusiasm for any activity PLEASE take your pet to the Vet. Love, map9
  6. becvan

    becvan Queen of the Blunt! Premium Member

    Ohh map, I'm so sorry to hear this. My deepest regrets and regards for your family member.

    I'm also sorry to hear your fuzzy friend is not well herc.

    Due to this food scare, my dog is now being fed homemade food only.

    Recipe for dogs:

    1 lb. of burger
    2 lb. of rice
    any veggie (except onions)

    cook all together and keep in the fridge. 50lb pet gets 2 cups a day

    Just in case anyone is wondering:) Also you can make any substitution you want with the meat and or rice.. Just make sure one part is meat, one part is carbs and one part is veggies and they love it!!
  7. hodge

    hodge I'm a VIP Premium Member Donated

    Map9, I am so sorry for your loss. I have been following this story on other websites and know of one or two that provide specific forums for people who've lost their loved ones this way. If you like, I will post the URLS. Just let me know.

    The way this industry has been unregulated is simply criminal. We lost one of our cats last summer (not as a result of this), but we still have two cats and a dog, and I am infuriated by this industry's greed over all else. I take consolation in the belief that the people responsible for this will have to feel our pain at some point; if not in this life, then afterwards.

    Meanwhile, I am researching ways to make our own food for our "pack." The dog is easy - Becvan, I think that you are right on track. The formula that makes sense to me is 1 part meat, 1 part rice, 1 part vegetables. Also, no garlic.

    But does anyone have any ideas for what cats should have? My understanding is that they are carnivores, so do they really need anything other than meat? I'm taking our senior feline to the vet later this week, for his hyperthyroid blood check, and will ask her about dietary requirements, also.

    Yeah, Herc, I hear you. On top of everything else.... Also, this contaminated wheat gluten may also have made its way into the human food supply. Makes me want to go totally organic, if I could. What a way the world is going, eh?
  8. Eagle3

    Eagle3 Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry for your loss, map. I had to put my pet bunny down a long time ago, due to a neurological disease. I know how much it hurts to do that.

    Yeah, my dog eats nothing but meats and veggies and fruit every day and he loves it. His coat is so shiny when he eats his two cans of mackerel every morning. He's been on this diet since he was a puppy because he won't eat anything with preservatives in it. Such a smart dog.

    Cats are indeed pure carnivores, and as such don't really need anything other than protein. An occasional fresh fruit or veggie treat is not out of the question though. Dogs are officially omnivores, but they need a 90% protein diet. Some may like fruits n' veggies more, but grains are very hard for them to digest.
  9. map9

    map9 Active Member

    Thanks everyone for the condolences. It really is like losing a member of the family. I've been collecting up her toys and cleaning her bed and food bowls (she had her own placemat) and I swear I'm so depressed but I'm angry too. This happened too fast and it's wrong. I want to go get in the bed and just cry. I have accidently looked for her twice today. Old habits are hard to break. I would like that website Herc because I need to vent. Not that it would do any good it just would make me feel better. Love and hugs to all. map9
  10. GR-ass

    GR-ass Well-Known Member

    I make my rats food up myself. They have no more then 20% protein, and the rest is grains and veggies.

    :hugs: sorry about your loss hon
  11. map9

    map9 Active Member

    I'm doing a bit better today. Not crying so much. My daughter called after she read my email and said she would call again when she got home from work. Last night we talked for over an hour. It truly helped me. I was able to sleep well and eat. I went to several sites regarding the wet canned food and feel that the company was neglegent in China as that is where the whole thing started. There they use melamine in the fertilizer for crop growing and they don't have health protocols banning the use of this poison. The more I read about it the worse this story gets. What if it was in our food and not our pets? The loss of life and cost of care would be staggering. Love, map9
  12. Portabella

    Portabella Well-Known Member

    I am so sorry for your loss.
  13. hodge

    hodge I'm a VIP Premium Member Donated


    This forum is devoted to people whose cats are suffering kidney failure as well as those who have lost cats to this: http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/Feline-CRF-Support/

    Also, you can report your loved one's death at this web site which is keeping track (unlike the government): http://www.petconnection.com/ There are several threads of discussion going on at this site, too, which include people who've lost pets because of this atrocity. Take care. hodge
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