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Our Small Accomplishments

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I think sometimes we need a place for the small ones. This one, which I shall share in a moment, can't compete with most of yours here, I thought it would be worth mentioning. So feel free to share even your tiniest ones here.

Mine is that a real Southern Belle said that I am a good Yankee. I laughed and laughed. Now you probably need to be an American to understand this one.
'I'm glad you're not Israeli as I thought for a year but you'd be a good one,'
This is funny. The pastor at my church when I was still in high school said I'd make a good Jew, because when I spent time in the chapel it was mostly walking around and arguing with God. LOL

I cleaned/organized clutter today in my office today. I'm exhausted now, but that was really such a good thing for me since I'm mostly on my couch with my cat.
I've gotten out and got some sun, 3 out of the last 4 days.
Also, not missed a day of yoga prac, consistently, for, maybe, the last week. I think.
I even did a little weight training a couple of days.
I came back here, again, even after bad triggering, here (is there a "good" kind?).

I started an art journal. :)
I practiced wearing a mask in my house for 20 minutes and didn’t have a flashback.
This is pretty awesome. I wore mine today for the second time and, though I still felt like I couldn't breathe, I didn't have that feeling like something was stuck in my throat. Well...not much, anyway.

Yesterday I put chairs out on my patio. This was a huge thing; I've lived here for 8 years and have never used the patio.
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