Medical Overdue smear. Hate myself


@Libs40 I am in the UK and was due to have my smear in January, put it off and found excuses but have it booked for April. I experienced sexual assault about 7 years ago, almost 8 yrs now. I've had two smears before and it makes a huge difference who does it. The first one wasn't pleasant but the second one was good because the nurse put me at ease and I didn't even know it had happened, she was so gentle. I know you posted this in October so not sure whether you had the smear test or if you waited. I would say don't pressure yourself and know that it is ok to ask whatever questions necessary and have the chats with your GP or nurse to make yourself feel safe and prepared. I know smears are not the most comfortable of things especially when they are potentially triggering. A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with cancer and only found out when she went for her mammogram, she wouldn't have known had she not gone and she had put her appointment off. This is the reason why I won't cancel my smear again. I think it's important to remember self-care and your self-worth and going for the smear is a way of respecting your body and your health. Try to see it that way. Best of luck :)