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Overwhelming fear

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Hi all
Having thoughts like people arent safe cant be trusted, cant go in to work and be around people tomorrow, i am not capable of defending myself, if something bad happens i will go into freeze or fawn and just be stuck in a bad situation.
Dont know how to come out of this and it feels veryoverwhelming so posting here before i up and quit my job or something. Have already steppedback from the ex and friends for this reason.
@PandaPower similar situation and I find it hard to admit that I am extremely anxious about work tomorrow. Sorry you are going through a rough time right now.. distracting actions don’t seem to always work? Music, dance? Walking or just talking to someone on the phone... ??
Thanks for the reply guys. Really feel like im watching myself hit rock bottom right now and feel incapable of stopping it from happening.
That sounds a really stressful emotional place to be. I'm sorry it's like that right now.

Are there things you can say to yourself to orientate to the here and now? Like, have you had recent experience of being in work and work people being nice and safe? So you can remind yourself of all the times you have been to work and it has been safe?

Or, do you just need a few days off work right now because you need to let yourself get back to a place of managing that? Because that is ok to call in sick (I hope you have sick pay etc that allows you to do that).

Have you got strategies that you usually use when feelings like this take over?

I always always always need to remind myself (or have someone remind me), that these feelings pass. They get so overwhelming that it is impossible for me to see past the feelings. It helps to remind, it will go.
Though I don't really like to advocate the use of pills, there are times when they really help. Since I have a serious problem with anxiety aside from PTSD, I try to keep an emergency anxiety pill on hand for occasions such as this (like a benzo or now hydroxyzine). I have also used a valerian supplement at times and it works well for me, though it does interact with some medications, so be sure to check that out if you want to try it. Exercise also helps.

Once the anxiety is down a couple of notches, the distorted thinking tends to calm down, too, or at least it does for me. Sometimes I will go on an anxiety bender that will last a day or a week and then it's magically over.

I hope you feel better soon.
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I relate to this a lot. Sorry you are going through this too, but you are not alone.
All I know is my own experience- sometimes taking space from people when I am overwhelmed with anxiety and paranoia is good. But sometimes having one on one (more than that is too overwhelming) connection with someone that I usually feel like is trustworthy, who loves me, is helpful. Even if I have some anxious thoughts about them. It has helped me a lot by talking about my anxious/intrusive thoughts and fears with them, because it helps me to process them and opens up an opportunity to be met with support.
However this is my experience and I know sometimes I cant be around people at all and need to take medication to zonk out until the storm has passed, or otherwise distract/soothe myself.
It's ok to call off work if you need to. I hope you are able to give yourself whatever you need right now.
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