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Own Arousal a trigger?


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Anyone else find this?

I Think this is what I am experiencing.

Having looked back I notice that I have a pretty heavy emotional flashback if I feel ‘libidinous’ or aroused.

I have worked so hard to get to a place where I feel safe enough to feel arousal again but it’s still pretty linked to my cycle - days on which I feel arousal- and I think I made the connection that this then sets of the emotional flashback.

This would alSo tie in with my only ‘movie reel’ type flash back being during intimacy.

I’m particularly interested in how women might have experienced and tackled this because of the tie in with hormone cycle.

( Also relevant, I had a pms cry before ptsd and I think this is being incorporated- to the sad feeing and the arousal with the trigger?)
I have noticed this pattern 100% with my cycle. It follows to a point that I can tell you what days I’m going to have really bad trauma flashbacks and emotional problems. The anxiety ramp up can also be calmed by physical response to these memories, which then adds to the shame cycle.
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