Fibro Pain from fibromyalgia?


I know there are some folks here with fibro--I have a question for you. I was diagnosed a couple of years ago, and I'm considering another appointment with my rheumatologist because I am in sooo much unrelenting pain.

I'm wondering if anyone has pain that is worsened when you press on skin and muscle over bone? It feels like the muscle is bruised--I've had it for a long time (like a few years), and it's mostly on my shoulder and collarbone, although sometimes it also hurts on my arms and legs. It's much worse these days, and I also have very sensitive skin on my scalp and pain at the base of my skull. I always have body aches, but this is crazy.

I've tried OTC meds (no help), ice packs (helps some), hot showers (helps my neck and head some, at least temporarily), light exercise (makes it worse), resting (hurts to lie down and sit), mindfulness for pain (actually more helpful in the moment than anything, but it doesn't last), and I don't know what all else.

I'd be interested to hear if your fibro manifests this way and what you do for it!
Yes, I have had it for many years, and yes it hurts over bone. At one point I thought I must have bone cancer as the pain was so bad. Of course I do not, but it is horrible and unrelenting. My neck and shoulders are the worst consistently. However, recently my hips just throb when I lay on my side to sleep. I wake several times with pain. As you said, not much helps. I do use a microwaved heat pack for some relief but not lasting. I take a lot of NSAIDS for little relief.
Definitely, for me Gabapentin has helped with this pain as it seems nerve related like my legs are on fire sometimes. If I touch them there’s a ton of pain like my legs should be that deep purple of a painful bruise. I only have the feeling in my legs. The gabapentin doesn’t make it go away it just makes the pain bearable. I also avoid touching my legs either against each other or with my hands. I’ve noticed it seems much worse at night. Sometimes I have the pain when someone else touches me (arms, back) which makes me avoid others.
My neck and shoulders are the worst consistently.
Yep, this is me, too.
However, recently my hips just throb when I lay on my side to sleep.
I have to lie on my side, and I also have a LOT of hip pain. It seems to be the muscle and not the bone, but pain is pain I guess.

I'm so tired of always being in pain.

Gabapentin has helped with this pain
I took Gabapentin initially for seizures (it worked great, but I was having some sort of side effects, so they took me off of it), then I was on it years after that for occipital neuralgia, and it really helped. Side effects again, though, so now I'm on nothing. Glad it kind of works for you!
I have to lie on my side, and I also have a LOT of hip pain. It seems to be the muscle and not the bone, but pain is pain I guess.
Not really.

When my hip hurts? It’s the bone, not the muscle or ct, and it means my immune system is in overdrive.

Pain? Is indicative. Rather than incidental.

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I haven’t been diagnosed with fibro, but I do have many of the symptoms because of exposure to pesticides (ie glyphosate), I believe, as there’s no test, and no doctor who could tell me for sure. I’ve done some research and I know that there are some sites that talk about fibro being related to toxin exposure. I was doing so well for so long until I got a whopper of an exposure to it again so now I’m clawing my way back again, and it sucks. I know I need to modify my diet pretty severely and while I’m not eating the most egregious foods, my diet could be cleaned up even more. What sucks is that glyphosate is sprayed on almost everything in the USA (but not organic foods), hence the severe diet restriction that I’m dragging my feet on…. I know others (elsewhere) have said they ate organic and it didn’t help, but if your fibro symptoms are from glyphosate exposure, then it may take a good amount of time to heal as it’s a neurotoxin, and the nervous system is very slow to heal. I’m in so much pain, and I’m hardly sleeping, so I know I need to make the change. I know fibro potentially has many different causes, but this is just my experience. I’m not looking to go fully organic, just low carb as non organic meat is fine, and I can’t afford a lot of expensive organic veggies.
So I finally decided to try Cymbalta (again). I haven't had to take OTC pain meds for the last couple of nights--I'm hoping the pain continues to be reduced. It makes a huge difference.
That whole pressure point thing used to be how they diagnosed fibro because it's not supposed to be a painful part of the body. Ya, my body missed that memo LOL

In a bad flare up my skin hurts so much that it I have a whole set of soft oversized outfits I wear, and my joints and muscles feel like someone took a hammer to them. My go tos are muscle relaxers and norco, plus some anti anxiety stuff (not all at once) I recently started taking attarx, which is an allergy med they use for anxiety, and I've gotten relief which was surprising. I guess it makes sense though, anxiety makes you tense and tense hurts

I swear by epsom salt soaks - that stuff is amazing!
My doc also insisted I start walking, but when I first started she said just out the door to the curb and back in. Then once I could do that I could walk to the neighbors driveway and so on. She said jumping into exercise would be a problem, but doing it slowly would help stretch out my muscles. Same with yoga - started with chair yoga and eventually moved up to simple routines. Once I got into a routine I saw a pretty good difference but I also have to be super careful not to overdue it or I'll end up with rebound pain

I tried cymbala once. The side effects can cause the same symptoms as fibro - and I reacted in a big way. It was awful. I tried to stick it out to see if it would get better but nope. It took me a couple months to get back to my baseline. Hopefully you have better luck!!
tried cymbala once. The side effects can cause the same symptoms as fibro - and I reacted in a big way. It was awful.
Yeah, me, too. And they've been trying to get me to take it since, over 10 years. But things just got so bad that I had to do something, and--surprisingly--no side effects at all this time. Weird.