Panic Attacks happening more


I noticed my Panic Attacks are increasing. I'm healing and I know I am getting better, now Panic Attacks are happening. No longer feel numb, which is good, I felt numb for almost two years after being raped. Now I am feeling panic attacks, so I think I may have to start to meditate more regularly now. I try to avoid certain topics because when I talk about anything that upsets me, I feel very shaky and panic. I'm sure this is all normal when your healing. It makes me realize that I'm going through certain stages. One thing I told myself is to never post on Forums during a panic attack. To calm down first and than post when you need to say, because making myself feel safe is important. I'm learning a lot through different stages and I am never afraid to seek for help.


Panic attacks are awful. I'm sorry about yours trauma that happened. It's horrific. It's good that you meditate. Do you have a therapist or take any medication to help keep you stable?


My therapist was helpful in getting me to redirect how my brain works during a panic attack. Lucky, because I had one today for the first time in a long time! It's a lot of work to get that re-wiring working, but if you get enough panic attacks, you get plenty of opportunity to practice, and it really does get better. But this is a hard thing to get out of a book, and one-to-one therapy is really the way forward.


I am in a similar boat with increased panic attacks. I heard you say that is important to make yourself feel safe, and find ways to calm down. That shows a lot of self insight and it's good that you prioritize your self care, as well as acknowledge that you do not hesitate to reach out for support. I recognize and affirm those things that are really healthy and beneficial to you.
You said finding ways to calm down is important. What things help you calm down? You mentioned meditation. Is there anything else that is useful for calming down, or that you are interested in trying?
Meditation is immensely beneficial for me when I get myself to do it. I find it a lot easier to just distract myself and a lot of time avoid being present with myself and my thoughts.